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The Best Fast and Free Online Word to PDF Convertor

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Each of us has felt a desperate need to convert Word to PDF at some point. Though applications like Word are meant to do this, let's face it. Then at times they simply refuse to cooperate. Worry not! The SizePDF website is here to save the day.

Part 1: How to Convert Word Files to PDF

As guaranteed in the introduction, now let me show you a quick way to convert Word to PDF. But you do not need to install any application or update your software in any way. Then just follow the steps below.

1. Head to the SizePDF website.
2. Click on Tools, then select the “Word to PDF” option from the drop-down menu.
3. Once redirected to the application, select the Word file you need to convert to PDF. Click on “Select documents”, then select the desired file.
4. The conversion process starts immediately.
5. Click on “Download” to get your converted document in the Downloads folder, then transfer it on your local PC.

Word to PDF

Part 2: Pros and Cons

While the SizePDF website is compatible with all browsers and with both Windows and Mac there are some pros and cons of using it.

1. It's is absolutely FREE and completely online.
2. Relatively fast conversion.
3. Convert unlimited files without signing up or registering.
4. Easy to use and neat interface without Ads.
5. Multiple file conversion options are available at no cost, so it is definitely free.

1. The process could be time-consuming depending on your Internet upload speed.
2. Some parts of the formatting may not be retained in the converted file.

Part 3: Security features

In spite of all the pros listed above the main question plaguing people about online applications is- Is it safe? Let's find out the security features offered by the SizePDF website, so users can rest assured about the safety of the documents they are uploading.
1. SizePDF site ensures that your files are SSL encrypted, so you can do it without any doubt.
2. Your files remain accessible only to you, then nobody is allowed to access them without your permission.
3. You can delete the uploaded file with just one click, then it is easy to handle.

So this is the biggest security feature as a user is in complete control of their files.

While there are other websites that offer other security features like ISO accreditation and GDPR compliance, it is worth noting that they will charge you a tidy sum for value-added services. Whereas SizePDF website provides all the features listed out absolutely free.

Moreover, other websites retain your information on their servers for one to two hours. On the other hand with SizePDF you can delete your file as soon as you are done with the conversion and rest assured that your files are safe.

As a bonus, you can get all your requirements satisfied at a single website, because the SizePDF website has a plethora of other tools. Whether it is converting:
1. Word file to PDF or PDF to Word
2. PDF to Excel or Excel to PDF
3. PDF to PowerPoint or PowerPoint to PDF
4. PDF to Text or Text to PDF
It can satisfy all your needs.

So what are you waiting for? Head out to SizePDF and get started.