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Our Team Summarizes Some Helpful Questions for You and Also Share our Answers.

Is it Safe to Use SizePDF?

We care about your privacy, and we will always take all necessary measures to protect your information safe. If you need more info, please read our privacy policy. If you think you find any safety bug in our website SizePDF, please directly contact our security team through this link.

Are the Company Documents Safe in Your Service?

Yes, it is safe. All files uploaded use HTTPS/SSL and it includes our end-to-end encryption to further protection for your privacy. These additional steps can improve the safety and satisfy the data privacy policy of most enterprises. In short, your data will get processed as safely as possible.

How to upload my documents?

It is the easiest step to drag your file to our website directly. You also can single-click the button "choose a file" and upload your documents from cloud systems (like Google Drive or Dropbox).

Will you keep the copies of the documents I proceed with?

Absolutely not. Your documents only belong to you. Your documents will be protected strictly when they are on our server and nobody can be accessible to them. We will keep them for 2 hours at most, in order that you can download them. Then they will be deleted forever from our server. You also can delete the documents by yourself after finishing the converter. We will not check, copy or analyze your documents in any way.

Why does it take so long to finish one conversion?

Unfortunately, we cannot control it totally. The processing speed is up to many factors, so the time of document conversion is also decided by your Internet speed, the size of your documents chosen, and mainly decided by how busy our server is.

Where to find the processed documents?

You should click the button "download" if you have processed the documents, then your documents will default in the download folder.

Why does the document lose fonts after converting to PDF?

If non-standard fonts are used in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, the converted PDF files will lose some fonts and will look different from the original files.

Are there any documents that cannot be converted?

There may be many reasons that you cannot convert the documents.
The common situations are listed below:
The original documents have been corrupted.
The original documents need a password or any other protection.
Please check that the original document is on your computer and ensure it can be opened normally. In addition, please check if you can open this document without a password or protection.

Do I need to download or install any extension?

No download or install the extension. No additional components or extensions are needed. It is a completely online tool for your PDF editing and conversion. All you need is an Internet connection. You neither install the program nor download APP, and SizePDF just needs a browser to process your files.

How to Batch Convert PDF Files into Needed Documents?

Do you need to convert multiple PDF files into required documents? You can try to use the SizePDF batch processing function and it allows users to upload many PDF files to convert them into required documents fastly. You should know that you can use our online tool to convert Word to PDF, PowerPoint to PDF, Excel to PDF, and TXT to PDF. Our online tool also supports converting PDF to Word, PDF to PowerPoint, PDF to Excel, and PDF to Text.

Here is the help guide for tool usage, which provides you with brief operating instructions for using the tool, helps you process files faster, and solves your PDF file needs in the shortest time.

PDF to Word

PDF to Word is suitable for the situation which needs to convert PDF to Word and keep high accuracy. We provide stable converter for PDF to Word and it can ensure to have better quality than other converters.

PDF to Excel

Are you still looking for the converter for PDF to Word simply and fastly? Our converter satisfy your demands. It just needs several seconds to convert PDF into Excel format.

PDF to PowerPoint

PDF to PowerPoint converter will not keep your uploading documents, and you can delete the files anytime to provide you the best and the most professional safety insurance.

PDF to Text

Our PDF to text converter can be used for free without email login and account registration. You do not need to download or install any software, and you just need to experience our converter with network.

Word to PDF

The Word to PDF converter we provide can be used for Android or ios or windows, and it all supports; No matter when you use, our converter all suuports it.

Excel to PDF

Professional Excel to PDF converter ensures that your Excel documents will not occur in font confusion and format errors during the process of converting it to PDF files.

PowerPoint to PDF

If you need a PowerPoint to PDF converter, but worry about its security problem. Here the PowerPoint to PDF converter we provide will not have files leakage problems and all documents will be encrypted by SSL after converting them to PDF files.

Text to PDF

Do you want to convert your text documents to PDF with highest quality and exactly the same as the original txt files? Choose our Text to PDF converter to satisfy your needs.

All SizePDF Tools

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    Convert PDF to editable Word document online

  • convert pdf to word

    Easily convert your PDF files to DOCX documents

  • pdf to word converter online

    Convert PDF to Word document in a safe environment

  • convert pdf to word free

    Unlimited convert for PDF to Excel files without registration required

  • convert to word from pdf

    Free PDF to PowerPoint converter fastly and simply

  • pdf to word free

    Quick PDF to Text convert page for free forever

  • PDF to Word converter online free

    Simple converter for Word to PDF in few steps safely

  • from pdf to word

    Convenient online tool for converting PPT to PDF for free

  • pdf to word file converter

    Secure website to convert Excel to PDF without limitation

  • change pdf to word

    Online free Text to PDF converter easily in full safety