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Please read and review the following terms of service, as they cover the terms and conditions applicable to your use of this website.

1. Terms of Use and Acceptance

These terms of use explain how you can use this website and all related pages. Before using this website, you should read these terms of use carefully. By accessing or using this website or expressing your consent in any other way, you agree to be bound by these documents. If you do not agree to or accept any of these terms, you should stop using this website immediately.

2. Modification of Terms of Use

sizepdf.com reserves the right to update the terms of use at any time without notice.

3. Use of website information

You can download, view, copy and print the files and graphics contained in these files from this website, subject to the following regulations:

(a) Files can only be used for personal, informational, and non-commercial purposes;

(b) Do not modify or change the document in any way. Unless your use constitutes “fair use” as stipulated by the copyright law, you may not use, download, upload, copy, print, display, execute, copy, publish, license, publish, transmit or distribute any information on this website in other ways Or some are not expressly authorized by sizepdf.com.

4. Restrictions on Use

As a condition of your use of this website and any service, you agree to:

(a) Do not use this website for illegal purposes stipulated by applicable laws, or any purposes prohibited by TOU and the terms and conditions of the license agreement;

(b) Do not slander or demean any other entities and legal persons, or post obscene, derogatory, or offensive comments, or use this website and/or service or its content in other ways, thereby making sizepdf.com or Any third party is notorious or causes sizepdf.com to be liable to any third party;

(c) Unless sizepdf.com is permitted following TOU and the license agreement or expressly stipulated by applicable laws, it is not allowed to create derivative works from this website and/or service or its content or use this website and/or service or in any way It’s content

(d) Do not use this website and/or service to distribute viruses or malware or other similar harmful software codes, information, or software containing viruses, Trojan horses, worms, or other harmful components;

(e) Unless we agree otherwise in writing, it does not represent or implies that sizepdf.com endorses any other business, product, or service;

(f) You are solely responsible for all costs and expenses that may arise from the use of this website and/or services and shall be solely responsible for keeping your password and other account details confidential.

(g) Do not post, publish, transmit, copy, distribute or use in any way any information, software, or other materials obtained through this website for commercial purposes (except when expressly permitted by the provider of such information, software, or other materials) );

(h) Do not upload, publish, publish, transmit, copy or distribute in any way information, software, or other materials protected by copyright or other proprietary rights obtained through this website, or derivative works related to it, without copyright permission Owner or right holder;

(i) Do not upload, publish, publish, copy, transmit or distribute any component of the website itself or derivative works related to it in any way. The website enjoys copyright as a collective work. If you do not comply with any part of the terms of use or any applicable laws, sizepdf.com reserves the right to block or suspend your access to this website and/or service.

5. Responsibility for the content of the file

sizepdf.com does not analyze and process the content of files, so it is not responsible for any abuse of its tools or copyright infringement that may affect third parties. The user will, before sizepdf.com, impose any penalties, sanctions, and/ Or be liable for fines.

6. Prohibited to use

As a condition of your use of this website and/or service, you must not use anything that may damage, disable, overburden or damage any sizepdf.com server or network connected to any sizepdf.com server Or interfere with any other party’s use and enjoyment of this website and services.

You must not attempt to access this website and/or any services, other accounts, computer systems or connect to any sizepdf.com server or any network assets and/or services without authorization through hacking, password mining, or any other means You must not obtain or attempt to obtain any materials or information through any means that are not intentionally provided to legitimate users through this website and/or service.

7. Responsibility

As you continue to read and use this website, you need to understand the ownership of our mutual responsibilities.

(a) The provider does not assume any responsibility for the uninterrupted availability of the server and system-related losses, interruptions, and interference of technical equipment outside the scope of the provider. In particular, the supplier does not assume any responsibility for the quality of the server operated by the supplier due to force majeure or events that the supplier is not responsible for. These include strikes, work stoppages, legal internal company labor disputes, and official orders. This also includes all or partial failures of the communication and network structure of other providers and operators, as well as the communication and network structure necessary for the gateway.

(b) For the liability for breach of contract for minor negligence, according to the type of product, the liability is limited to predictable, contractually and immediate average damages. This also applies to the minor negligence of the supplier’s legal agent or assistant or agent’s breach of duty. The supplier is not responsible for minor negligence violations of non-essential contractual obligations. However, the provider is responsible for the legal position that violates the customer’s basic contractual obligations. The legal status of basic contractual obligations is the legal status that the contract must grant to the customer based on the object and purpose of the contract. The supplier is further responsible for breaches of responsibilities. The fulfillment of these responsibilities allows the correct realization of the contract, and the customer should trust its realization. The above limitation of liability does not involve customer guarantees and/or product liability claims. If there is fraudulent intent, a breach of basic contractual obligations or the provider is accused of causing personal injury, health damage, or death to the customer, the limitation of liability will not apply.

(c) The supplier is not responsible for the loss of data and/or programs, as long as such damage is caused by the customer’s failure to back up the data and ensure reasonable efforts to restore the lost data.

(d) The provider is only responsible for the content on its webpage sizepdf.com. As long as other web pages can be accessed through links, the supplier is not responsible for external content. The provider does not accept external content. If the provider is notified of illegal content on an external web page, the provider will delete the link, provided that this is technically feasible and reasonable to him.

8. Terms of Use Revision History.

Last updated on August 20, 2021