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Do You Want to Convert CSV to PDF? Read This Before Taking Any Step

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Many people confuse CSV files same to XLSX of Excel. Hence, they try to directly use a *.CSV file in an XLSX to PDF converter to get the desired output but they get disappointed. We will soon check how to convert CSV to PDF properly!

Comma Separated Values (CSV) contains a series of values separated by commas in a sheet as a source of information. CSV files are useful when you are dealing with a special application only. Software that does not recognize data in the XLSX files. You could hardly find a direct online CSV to PDF converter, so how to get it done? We will look sooner in this post!

Part 1: An Outlook on Excel in comparison to CSV

There are times when you have to work with CSV files in place of Excel containing precious data that you want to convert into PDF. This situation is common in many corporate offices and organizations. So before discussing how to convert CSV to PDF, we need to clear our doubts on the notable differences between it and Excel files!
1) A user does not need any specific application to open and use the CSV files since you can do it using a simple text editor. However, Excel files can be accessed using compatible applications like MS Excel.
2) CSV files are less complicated, shorter, and loads quicker than Excel files.
3) CSV files are incompatible with creating summaries, formulas, functions, and VBA coding.
4) Excel features certain helpful features like custom add-ins and linking of external sources from the data on the file, this is absent in CSV.

Part 2: The Underlying Problems

You could face the following issues to convert CSV files to PDF online free;
- Redundant Headlines.
- Missing Text.
- Formatting Issues.
- Corrupt Values.
So, you should first access CSV data in an Excel spreadsheet and then convert it into a PDF file! It is the right way of CSV convert to PDF and get the complete Data including the Formatting of a CSV file, then using direct CSV to PDF converter online free!

Part 3: Accessing CSV File in Excel

There are two ways to transfer data from CSV to Excel file;

1)Importing CSV information to Excel

Using this technique, you can open and convert CSV files to XLSX format. You can do it by importing information from CSV to a new or an existing Excel worksheet. Here are the two ways to do it:

By Power Query

You can create a Power Query connection only in Excel 2016 to the newer and Excel 365 version. Here are the steps;
1) Click on the 'Data' tab under the 'Get & Transform Data' group and further click on 'From Text/CSV'.
2) In the dialog box 'Import Data', choose the CSV file you want to import.
3) Set different options in the 'Preview Dialog Box', click on 'Load' to import the CSV data in the form of a table. After that, you can update the information in it using refreshing the query (Refresh from Table Design tab). It will be reflected on the original CSV file as well.

By Text Import Wizard

You can enable the 'Text Import Wizard' in newer versions of Excel as follows:
Tap on the File tab, go to Options and then click on Data.
Choose 'From Text (Legacy)' under 'Show legacy data import wizards' and tap on OK.
Check the 'Get & Transform Data' group under 'Get Data' and 'Legacy Wizards' to check if Wizard is showing on the Data tab.
All Excel versions support this function! It can be done either by enabling the Text(Legacy) feature or changing the file extension of CSV to TXT.

2)Opening CSV File Using Excel

You can use either Windows Explorer or Excel Workbook to access and read the CSV file but it shows only 16,384 columns and 1,048,576 rows. Follow these techniques for it:

By Windows Explorer

You can right-click on the .csv file and select 'Open with Excel'! You can also tap on Excel under 'Other' options in the 'Open with' dialog box and tap on 'OK' to Set MS Excel as the Default app to access .csv files.
Double click the .csv file in the Windows File Explorer in order to straight open it in a new workbook!

By Excel Workbook

Standard 'Open' command is used in Excel to open a CSV file created in any other program. Following are the steps;
1) Launch the MS Excel, Click Open on the File tab, you can also use the shortcut 'CTRL+O' to perform the same function.
2) An Open dialog box will open, then choose text files (*.csv, *.txt, *.prn) from the lower right drop-down list.
3) Browse and open the CSV document from it, a new workbook will be open. After all this, Excel will use the Import Text Wizard for the TXT file.

Part 4: Saving the CSV to XLSX

Make sure you have complete details with proper formatting of your desired CSV file in the Excel spreadsheet. You should follow the below steps;
- Click on 'File' and then 'Save as',
- Choose the folder to save the resultant file. And, select (*.xlsx) in the drop-down menu of 'Save as type'.
- Tap on 'Save' to Get the XLSX or XLS file of your desired CSV.

Part 5: Converting XLSX to PDF

Do not waste your time in searching for the best CSV file to PDF converter online for free? You can convert XLSX to PDF online using an effective tool like SizePDF Converter! In this manner, you will be sure to get efficient output in your process to convert CSV to PDF online free of cost!
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