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The Perfect Way to Convert Excel to PDF without Losing Formatting

Losing the formatting of your carefully created Excel file after converting it to PDF can be frustrating. Therefore, we show you an Excellent way to convert Excel to PDF without losing formatting that is easy, free and completely online.

Part 1: Online Excel to PDF Converter without Changing Format

We promised you will be able to convert Excel to PDF without losing formatting and therefore, we bring to you SizePDF, a website that will allow you to convert your files, that too, for absolutely free.

Simply proceed to the SizePDF website to start conversion. Hover your mouse on “Tools” and select the “Excel to PDF” option from the drop down menu. You will be redirected to an application where you need to upload the Excel file you wish to convert to PDF. The progress bar is visible once the document conversion starts. The “Download” button is visible once the conversion is complete. Click on it to download your converted document in the Downloads folder on your PC.

You will notice that SizePDF website converts Excel to PDF without losing formatting and produces one consolidated PDF file. If you were looking for a way to convert Excel to PDF without changing font, you may be a little disappointed. If you have used a font in your Excel file that is not recognized by the SizePDF website, the font will not be retained in the converted file.

While the SizePDF website converts your files swiftly, at times it might take a while if you have uploaded a large file. If your Internet speed is slow, it also could be slow. SizePDF is truly an amazing website as it is extremely easy to use and is online. You can use it from anywhere, any device, and on any browser of your choice for free. What’s more, you can convert as many files as you like in a day without having to signup.

convert excel to pdf without changing format

Part 2: Discussing the Safety of your Files

The next question is what happens to your files when you upload them to SizePDF website? The Excel files that you upload are SSL encrypted by the SizePDF website. This means no one will be able to access and see the contents of your files without your permission.

Once you have finished converting your files you can delete them with just one click. SizePDF website does not retain your files on their servers after you have finished converting. It is an extremely safe online tool to use for your conversion needs. Indeed, it would have been desirable if the SizePDF website had ISO accreditation or approved by the PDF association. Nevertheless, this website does an Excellent job of giving us a quality online converter that is secure and absolutely free.

Head over to SizePDF website and checkout its features yourself. It not only can you convert files from Excel to PDF without losing formatting but from any format to PDF. Trust us, this amazing free and online converter  will not disappoint you.