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Top 3 Online Ways to Convert Excel Sheet to PDF

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Confused about which tool to use to convert Excel sheet to PDF? Stop worrying, because we have done all the research for you and present the top 3 tools that you can use to convert your Excel files to PDF. These online tools are absolutely reliable, so let's check it now.

Part 1: Top 3 Tools to Convert Excel Sheet into PDF

We promised and therefore we bring to you the three best ways to convert Excel sheet to PDF. It’s uncomplicated and no software installations required, so it is definitley simply, follow along!

1. SizePDF

The first website we would recommend is the SizePDF website. So all you need to do is visit their website and select the “Excel to PDF” tool from their tools menu. If you are still confused, they have a tutorial to guide you with every step.

Provides a moderately fast way to turn an Excel sheet into a PDF
Most of the formatting of Excel documents retained in converted PDF
All tools and features are available absolutely free
Convert from anywhere and any device
Extremely neat and Ad-free user interface

If a font not recognized by the SizePDF website has been used in Excel, but it will not be retained in the converted PDF file.
Long file conversion time in case of large files

2. iLove PDF

iLove PDF is another great website to turn Excel sheet into PDF online and is partially free.

Fast conversion rate
Tools available in multiple languages upon registration
Access cloud storage to upload and download files after signing-up

Partial formatting of the Excel document is lost as data from Excel sheet is split over multiple PDF pages
Features like OCR conversion is reserved only for premium members
Ad-free experience needs signup

3. Small PDF

Small PDF is also another popular online tool that could convert your Excel sheet into PDF.

Provides fast conversion even for large files
Attractive plans are available for business purposes.

Data from Excel sheet is seperate over multiple PDF pages
You can only convert two files per day for free
Convert Excel files with OCR to PDF needs a Pro membership

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Part 2: Document Confidentiality and Safety Features

Our recommended websites offer great features depending on your needs. The most important feature of an online tool is, however, its ability to preserve the confidentiality of your documents.

The partially paid website iLove PDF provides SSL encryption for uploaded files and is also ISO accredited and approved by the PDF association. Small PDF online converter is additionally GDPR compliant. After paid, a downside of these websites is that they will retain your files on their servers for 1-2hrs.

This is where SizePDF website has an added advantage because it allows you to delete your files with one click. Moreover, your files are safe as they equips with SSL encrypted.

All the websites listed here are online and extremely easy to use. Based on your individual needs or business needs, then you could choose a completely free option like SizePDF website or partially paid options like iLove PDF or Small PDF. You can use them with most browsers and on both Windows and Mac!