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Excel to PDF Converter App is Unneeded?

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This whole time we have used Excel to PDF converter app to give more professional looks to our document (that is created on Excel). However, this time we do not need that kind of application anymore. Why is that? Let us dig deeper.

Part 1: What is Excel to PDF Converter App

For those who have not known, Excel to PDF converter app can be used to convert documents in Excel into PDF format. Why is it PDF format? Because PDF format gives a more professional look.

We can find many Excel to PDF apps both on Google Play Store and App Store. Excel to PDF app is certainly useful for smartphone users. However, our smartphone's memory sometimes gets too full, thus cannot contain more applications.

If we experience that, we can use Microsoft Excel itself to convert an Excel file to PDF by saving the Excel file as PDF format. Unfortunately, that feature sometimes gets in trouble.

If those things happen to us, the last option is to switch to an Excel to PDF converter website. Yes, we do not need Excel to PDF converter app download.

Part 2: Excel to PDF Converter Website

Besides Excel to PDF converter free download app, we can also find many Excel to PDF websites. Not only when we cannot use Excel to PDF app, but we can also use this kind of converter on a laptop or computer. Therefore, we can do the conversion using a large screen and get no mistakes.

But which one is the best converter website? Well, to find out, we need to check the features and safety factors of those websites.

A safety website does not require us to put too many personal details at our first trial. Yes, some converter websites require us to sign up with email and full name.

That is fine, but if we find another website that requires us to put our credit card detail for 'future' payment, we should avoid this website. Our credit card detail is so easy to be hacked by irresponsible parties, either the website's owner or the outsider who is a genius hacker.

Other than that, we also need to check the features. Many websites offer us a free converter feature. However, not all of them truly provide 100% free features. Some of them limit our ability to convert just 1 file each hour, so if we need to convert more, we need to pay the subscription fee or wait for the next hour. Well, we are better to find another website that provides 100% free conversion features.

Part 3: How to Use Excel to PDF Converter Website

Considering those factors above, we can use SizePDF to convert Excel to PDF. Despite its name, this website can convert Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, Text to PDF, and PowerPoint to PDF vice versa.
app to convert excel to pdf

We can also use this website to convert more than 1 file at once.

To convert our Excel file, we just need to visit the website, click the Tools menu, and then click the Excel to PDF option. Next, click the Select Documents blue button to upload the Excel file and click the More button to upload more files. In a few seconds, our Excel files will be converted into PDF and ready to be downloaded. Just click the Download button to save them all into our computer or laptop.

Converting Excel to PDF using SizePDF is that easy and free. So now you know why we do not need Excel to PDF converter free download app anymore, right?