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Excel to PDF Converter Software Free Download Not Relevant Anymore

Still, using Excel to PDF converter software free download? It is good, but now you can convert your Excel file to PDF using a much easier way. Not just easy, it is also 100% free of charge and provides high-quality converted files.

Part 1: What Could Possibly Replace Excel File to PDF Software Download

"What could possibly replace the Excel to PDF software download?" You may ask that question. The answer is the Excel to PDF converter website.

Now you may wonder what the benefits of using a converter website are and is truly better than the software or not. Well, yes, the website is truly better than the software.

Firstly, the software will get your gadget memory drained, while the website will not do that as it can be accessed online.

Secondly, one Excel to PDF converter software free download may not be suitable for all the operating systems. So when you change the gadget with a new operating system and use the same conversion software, it may not convert your file with the same quality.

It will be different when you use the converter website as it has a standard user interface that will be suitable for all operating systems, even all gadgets, either computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Thirdly, sometimes an error occurs in the Excel file to PDF converter software free download due to maintenance or other reasons. If this happens, you can use a converter website to convert your Excel file to PDF.

Part 2: The Excel to PDF Online Website Converter

You may find many Excel to PDF conversion websites on the internet. However, you need to make sure about the safety and free features.

Some websites claim they can convert files for free but will ask you to pay the subscription fee when you want to convert many files at once or other 'special' features. To pay the subscription fee, you will need to input your credit card details.

To be safe, avoid using a website that asks you to input the credit card details, especially if it asks you to input the details when signing up. As we know, credit card is easy to be hacked. You surely do not want your bill to be increased without your consent, right?

So are there any online PDF conversion websites that are actually free? Yes, there is one, it is SizePDF. Despite its name, this website can convert Text, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to PDF vice versa for 100% without signing up.

Here are the steps to convert Excel to PDF using SizePDF:

● Open SizePDF on your favorite web browser
● Click the Tools menu
● Click the Excel to PDF tool
● Upload as many files as needed by clicking the Select Documents button in the middle of the website
● After a few seconds, click the Download button to download all your converted files
excel to pdf converter software download free

Compared to Excel to PDF software free download, the SizePDF conversion is easier to be used, right? So what are you waiting for? Try SizePDF now!