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Excel to PDF Download,100% Free

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In this digitalization era, many websites provide online Excel to PDF download features to make it look more professional. Some of them can do it for free, but some of them cannot do it 100% for free.

Part 1: Convert Excel to PDF for Free

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program which is developed by Microsoft Corporation. We can use Microsoft Excel for data processing including calculation and pivot tables creation.

To make your Excel file looks more professional, you may need to convert that file into PDF. Not just a more professional look, PDF also offers you stable and neat formatting.

You can save your Excel file as PDF, but this feature sometimes does not work. That is why we need another tool to convert excel file to pdf free download. To convert Excel to PDF free download, you can use an application or website, based on your needs and condition.

After converting your Excel file into PDF format using Excel to PDF download, you can directly download it and send it to the interested party.

Part 2: Excel to PDF Free Download Application and Website

If you are a smartphone user, you surely would prefer to use an application as the interface matches your small screen. You may find various conversion applications in Google Play Store or App Store, such as Smallpdf and ILove PDF.

Differs from smartphone users, computer and laptop users mostly would prefer a website to convert Excel to PDF download free. Meanwhile, the tablet user is fine to use either application or website.

You can find many conversion websites on any search engine. However, not all of them offer the features that you need. Therefore, you must be careful when choosing the website.

Part 3: Find the Safety and Free Online Conversion Website

When choosing a website, the first thing to be considered is safety. After that, you also need to consider the features, is it 100% free with high-quality or not.

To be safe, avoid entering your credit card details on the conversion website because we cannot be sure about the safety.

Yes, some websites only give limited free features. For example, you may not be able to convert many files at once unless you pay the monthly subscription fee. At this time you need to enter your credit card details. If you do not want to pay, you need to wait until the next hour, as most of the conversion websites allow 1 file conversion only for each hour.

Calm down, you can still find and use the free online conversion website, which is SizePDF. Unlike the other websites, SizePDF offers 100% free conversion features and does not require signing up.
excel file convert to pdf free download

Not just converting SizePDF vice versa, this website can also convert Text, Excel, and PowerPoint to PDF vice versa. Besides that, you can also convert an unlimited amount of files at once for free.

To convert Excel to PDF download using SizePDF, you can visit SizePDF, click the Tools, and choose Excel to PDF tool. Then click the Select Documents button in the middle and upload as many files as needed. After a few seconds, your converted files will be ready. To save them all, click the Download button.

That is how we convert Excel to PDF download free and safe. Now you can directly convert files using SizePDF by yourself.