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The Perfect and Free Excel to PDF Convertor

Are you stuck and want to quickly find a simple way to convert Excel to PDF for free? Sure, applications like Word and Pages are meant to do so, but at times, you need a quick online solution. The SizePDF website is just what you need.

Part 1: How to Convert Excel Files to PDF

We assured you of a solution in the introduction, so here is a simple and free method to convert Excel to PDF. Just follow along step by step and don't worry, because we won't make you install any application or force you to update your software.

1. Simply proceed to the SizePDF website to start.
2. Hover your mouse on Tools and pick the “Excel to PDF” option from the drop-down menu.
3. You will be redirected to the application where you need to select the Excel file you wish to convert to PDF.
4. Document upload will begin, and you should be able to see a progress bar. The process would not take long, so just be a little patient.
5. Once the conversion is complete click on “Download” to get your converted document in the Downloads folder on your local PC.

And voila you have converted the excel to PDF!
Excel to PDF

Part 2: Advantages and Disadvantages

No doubt there are pros and cons of using SizePDF website, however, its the biggest advantage is that its completely free and online. Then let's dig in a little deeper.

1. Compatible with all browsers
2. Works with both Windows and Mac
3. Super fast and unlimited conversion
4. No need to sign up or register
5. User-friendly site and Ad-free experience

Fonts and another formatting not recognized by the website are not retained in the converted document.

However, Microsoft Excel splits the Excel file columns into two PDF pages.

Whereas, SizePDF website produces one consolidated PDF page.

Part 3: Safety and Security Features

Do we know that the burning question in every reader's mind is that is this tool safe? Then let me explain the security features assured to its users by the SizePDF website.
1. Your files are SSL encrypted.
2. Your exclusive permission is needed for someone else to access your uploaded file.
3. You are in control. Delete the uploaded file with just one click once you finish the conversion.

Your information is not on their servers for one to two hours like other websites offering similar services, so it is safe enough!

Indeed, some websites do offer other higher-level security features like ISO accreditation and GDPR compliance. However, you need to note that SizePDF is offering you all its services for free. Whereas, the other websites will require you to signup and register to access value-added services.

You can access all the conversion tools you could possibly think of such as,
Word file to PDF or PDF to Word
PDF to Excel or Excel file to PDF
PDF to PowerPoint or PowerPoint to PDF
PDF to Text or Text to PDF
on SizePDF absolutely free. A one-stop solution for all your conversion needs.

Simply head out to the SizePDF website, then start converting your Excel files to PDF.