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The Safest Online, Fast and Free Excel to PDF Converter

In need of a free Excel to PDF converter that is also safe? Your search ends here as we bring to you an online converter that is free, equipped with security features and converts your files swiftly. Now, let’s jump in to the details.

Part 1: Tutorial for Free Conversion Excel to PDF

As discussed in the introduction, this section will walk you through a tutorial for a safe and online free Excel to PDF converter. We understand your desperation and therefore, just follow us as we show you every step. Rest assured you will not need to update your software or install any application.

Click on the link to go the SizePDF website and simply start your conversion. On the top right corner, the Tools menu is visible. Click on the “Excel to PDF” option from the drop down menu. In a moment, you are redirected to the application. Here, upload the Excel files you wish to convert to PDF format. You might have to wait for a while if your file is large or if your Internet speed is slow, so you can ensure do it in good condition. SizePDF will convert your Excel file, then you can download the PDF by clicking on the “Download” button. Extremely easy, right?

pdf converter excel to pdf free

Part 2: Pros and Cons

The SizePDF website has the features but like any online tool has some cons as well. However, the biggest Pro of this website is that it provides Excel to PDF free conversion. Let’s check out some of its features in detail.

Compatible with both Windows and Mac
Unlimited conversion for free
Compatible with all browsers
No need to sign up or register for any of the features
Neat and user friendly site
Some formatting of Excel sheet, like fonts not recognized by the website, are not retained in the converted PDF document.
Takes a while to convert large rich text files.

Part 3: Safety and Security Features

With a free online site the safety and security of the uploaded documents is always a concern. However, with SizePDF we can ensure the safety of our documents as it ensures:
Uploaded documents are SSL encrypted, thereby making them inaccessible to any other user
The user has an option to delete the uploaded file with just one click once the conversion process is complete
Files are not retained on SizePDF server like other popular websites.
Where other popular websites require their users to sign up or provide limited conversion for free and would additionally charge you a tidy sum for providing such value added services, SizePDF is completely free and trustworthy.

It is a one-stop solution for all your conversion needs. You can access all the conversion tools you could possibly think of such as,
Word file to PDF or PDF to Word
PDF to Excel or Excel file to PDF
PDF to PowerPoint or PowerPoint to PDF
PDF to Text or Text to PDF
on SizePDF absolutely free.

Now, just stop thinking and head over to SizePDF website and start it with free conversion from Excel to PDF, so you will know that is efficient, fast, safe, secure and easy to use.