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Answering How to Convert Excel Sheet to PDF With Simple Steps

Sometimes, we need to change our files into PDFs. Thus, the question of "how to convert Excel Sheet to PDF?" remains and keeps rising. So, let us find about how it works and the best approach in how to convert all Excel Sheets to PDF.

Part 1: How to Convert Excel to PDF

As we mentioned before, to answer your question, "how to convert all Sheets in Excel to PDF?" We need first to understand how it works. PDF conversion isn't as hard as it sounds. In fact, the process is quick and simple, and we think anyone could easily follow it.

To convert your documents into PDFs, you'll need a certain tool that people call converters. These PDF Converters work by changing your documents into stable PDFs, which means they can be seen or read on any device or operating system.

So, how to convert Excel Sheet to PDF? The first is by choosing the tool. Since many of them linger around the internet, it would be hard to make the first pick. You may simply lookup for a tool that's free but also capable of doing a proper converting. Ensure that the tool is able to deliver the best output.

As for the next step in how to convert Excel to PDF all Sheets, you need to open the tool and start uploading your documents. Select any of them you want to convert. After it's done, click the available button to start to the conversion process. Sometimes, certain tools also allow automatic conversion, further relieving your job.

After the process is done, you can download the results, which will serve in PDF documents. Now you can freely share it with someone else.

Part 2: How to PDF Conversion Using SizePDF

As one of the best methods to answer your question of "how to convert full Excel Sheet to PDF?" We'd like to introduce SizePDF. It's an online converter that works wonders. It has the basic conversion functionality but also packs another usability as well. For example, you can also use the features called PDF Merger and PDF Compressor, which are also free features available to all users.
Then, how to convert all Excel Sheets to PDF using this tool?

how to convert a excel sheet to pdf

It's all quick and easy on this website. But aside from this tool, we also have several recommendations, such as:

Part 3: Best Tools to Convert Your Excel Files


Still holding its crown as one of the best PDF converters, SizePDF does have its exceptional value. Aside from offering free access to all the users, the site also allows users to access everything without inputting their private information. So, they don't have to create an account or make a payment. Plus, SizePDF offers extra safety through encryption that can make their files safe and private.

Free PDF Cube

Another tool we want to recommend is Free PDF Cube. The tool can create any printable file formats into PDF. When you install Free PDF Cube, it exists as a virtual printer that you can later use as a converter. With it, you can easily change your documents without the help of any additional software.

Excel Tool: Free Excel to PDF Converter

As the third tool for solving your problem, there's one called the Excel Tool. As the name implies, you can freely use it as one of the answers to "how to convert all Sheets in Excel to PDF?" It has a very user-friendly UI and a quick conversion process that requires only some small clicks.