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Tutorials On How to Save All Sheets in Excel As PDF

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People are trying to answer the question of how to save all Excel Sheets in one PDF by using various probabilities. There’s always a simpler answer you may apply. Now, let us talk about how to save all Sheets in Excel as PDF effectively.

Part 1: How to Save All Excel as PDF Efficiently

Are you having a problem converting your Excel files into PDF? You've come to the right place. Finding an answer to the question of how to save all Excel Sheets as PDF could be a bit tricky since there are many possibilities that can solve your problems.

So how to save all Sheets in Excel as PDF? The answer would ultimately be using PDF converters. These converters will easily change your original documents into PDF in such an easy way.

Generally, they only require a bit of understanding about uploading and downloading documents. First, you need to upload your document, and the process will run automatically. The conversion usually lasts for seconds or possibly more, depending on your file's size.

However, you can use either converter apps or online converters to convert files into PDF. They are similar in function but different in form. But as for today, we’d like to introduce you to an effective online converter that might help you in answering the question of how to save Excel as PDF all Sheets?

Part 2: Using SizePDF

SizePDF is one of the top online converters you can use today. The reason why it's good is that how much better value it can offer to everyone. The site will grant full access to all available features and usability for each user.
Now how to save all Sheets in Excel to PDF by using SizePDF? Follow these easy steps:

how to save all sheets in excel to pdf

Part 3: Recommended Tools to Convert Your Excels

There are actually many possible ways to answer your question of "how to save all Excel Sheets in one PDF?" But let us introduce you to the five best tools that may help in converting Excel files into PDFs.


SizePDF is a free-to-use website that may easily convert your documents into PDF. You may also create multiple PDF files from Excel using this tool. It offers a broader range of usability through the abundant features it has. Plus, it provides additional safety for all users by using encryption that's also free.


The second alternative here is doPDF. It's another free tool you can use to make PDF files out of any document format. The tool can help you out in converting documents into PDF in two different ways: by printing your documents as PDFs or by using the startup window function.

PDF Cube

The last but not the least option in this how to save all Excel Sheets as PDF topic is PDF Cube. It is a desktop app that's mainly used for PDF merging and splitting. You may easily combine your PDFs or divide them into singular files. The tool, however, functions using its own software. So, it doesn't require Adobe Acrobat or any other reader software to function correctly.