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How to Save an Excel Spreadsheet as a PDF Effectively

There are several ways to save Excel Spreadsheet as PDF, including using the Google Spreadsheet download feature. But, if you have already downloaded the Excel file, then you need to follow this step in how to save an Excel Spreadsheet as a PDF.

Part 1: How to Save an Excel as a PDF

Excel has been a familiar file to almost everybody. Either for work, study, or both, generating files in Excel could provide a useful benefit in terms of data management. Thanks to its ability to organize and present data in the most detailed way possible, Excel has been long known as one of the most important software to have in these modern days.

Now you might be wondering, "How do I save an Excel Spreadsheet as a PDF?" a question that most people would probably ask. Although it looks pretty confusing at first, doing so is actually pretty easy and simple.

You can save Excel Spreadsheet as PDF as easily as doing some clicks. The process becomes much simpler once you use something like Google Spreadsheet, which allows you to keep the Excel or Spreadsheet into any files possible, including PDF.

However, you can't convert Excel to PDF multiple files using this method since it is one feature per file. So, is there another way to convert many files at once?

Now how do you save an Excel Spreadsheet as a PDF without using Google Spreadsheet? The simple answer to this is by using the file converters. These tools will help you in converting files into any desirable formats, including PDF.

Generally, they use the same mechanics. First, you need to upload the files, engage in the conversion process, and you're done. That's it, plain quick, and simple.

Among the other top brands of PDF converters, we highly recommend using SizePDF. Can you save an Excel Spreadsheet as a PDF using this tool? Well, the result might be better than expected.

Part 2: How to Convert Excel into PDF Using SizePDF

Let us introduce you to SizePDF, the gateway to all your needs. As an online platform, it works just like any online website does. The site will perform the best conversion method and change your files into PDF in a flash.
Other than to save Excel Spreadsheet as PDF, you can also do the same thing for Word and PowerPoint files. No matter the file format, the process is always the same. Here's how to save an Excel Spreadsheet as a PDF with this tool:

save excel spreadsheet as pdf

Part 3: Considerable Advantages

Other than answering your question of "how do I save an Excel Spreadsheet as a PDF?" SizePDF can give you much better value than that. As a portal to all the useful tools you possibly need, SizePDF offers no charge at all. The features here are open to all users without any limitations.
The site will also grant you additional safety through the encryption that will be applied to all documents uploaded or downloaded from this website. This will ensure the privacy and authenticity of the documents.

Part 4: Why You Need to At least Try It

Considering the better value it can provide, SizePDF is arguably one of the best online converters you can have today. It may do wonders in file converting with the quicker process and broader tools to help in day-to-day administrative tasks. So how do you save an Excel Spreadsheet as a PDF effectively? The answer is SizePDF.

Part 5: Recommended Apps for Excel to PDF Conversion


The site is a wonderful all-in-one platform that can give you more than just a conversion. Without the need to make any payments, users are able to convert their Excel files into PDFs easily. They can also use other notable features, such as PDF Merger and PDF Compressor, for free! SizePDF is also quite generous in terms of safety. It'll protect each document with encryption to make it safe and secure.


If you want an easy to way to convert your document, PDFelement could be your best option. The tool lets you to organize and make any PDF files in the easiest way possible. The site allows for PDF modification to all users so they can make simple changes here and there within the PDF before creating the fixed file. It has a user-friendly UI that's easy to understand, and also offers passWord encryption for additional protection.

Wondershare PDF Converter Pro

The tool is incredible for Images, Words, Excels, EPUB, or HTML conversion. The free software has Excellent performance, and can convert your documents into PDF pretty quickly. The site also offers broader output options outside from PDF. So, you may freely change your original files into basically anything.