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How to Save Excel Sheet as PDF with The Simplest Way Possible

If you are ever wondering how to save one Sheet in Excel as PDF, you might notice several ways you may apply. There's one way by using the Google SpreadSheet and any other methods to change the downloaded Excel files. Here's how to save Excel Sheet as PDF:

Part 1: Understanding How It Works

Firstly, before talking about how to save Excel Sheet as PDF, let us know more about the Excel file itself. Seeing how the modern world rolls, we have become more familiar with the must-have working software, like Microsoft programs. Included as one of its main features, Microsoft Excel is actually one of the most common software to use today.

Then the functions of Excel are also limitless. People are working with it day-to-day, keeping all the data nicely and adequately organized them using the tables. It doesn't matter what kind of work you're doing; you'll always find a benefit from this particular software.

Back to our main topic, how to save Excel Sheets as one PDF? The answer is quite simple. If you're working with Google SpreadSheet, you can always use Save As feature. Google SpreadSheet has some file options, including the PDF. So, you can simply save your documents into PDF at any time you wish.

However, can you convert Excel to PDF multiple files this way? Unfortunately, this only works for one file each. So, you must do the manual saving for each SpreadSheet file, which could be tiresome work eventually.

So, how can one do this much more manageable? Is there a better way to convert more files simultaneously? Using the converters can make your job a lot quicker and easier.

As you might expect, Converters will convert your files into any desirable formats. You can always change Docs, Excels, or PowerPoint files into PDFs by using these tools. They usually have a straightforward method that involves the upload and download process, which is also quite simple to follow.

To relieve you from the stress in picking the top quality converter, we offer one that might suit you the best – The SizePDF.

Part 2: How to Save Excel As PDF Using SizePDF

To answer the question of "how to save a Excel Sheet as PDF?" we highly recommend using a tool that can work properly, quickly, and serve the best file quality possible. SizePDF may easily fill these requirements and offer you the easiest method of PDF conversion.
SizePDF works similarly to other converters, with the form as the only difference. SizePDF is an online website, meaning that you don't have to install everything in order for it to work as properly. Here's what you need to do:

These four main steps work for converting not only Excel but also Word and PowerPoint files. If you want to make your works easier to organize, simply use the tool to do so. So how to save one Sheet in Excel as PDF in the simplest way possible? The answer is using SizePDF.

Part 3: Questions and Answers

Part 4: Why SizePDF Is The Best Tool

With the explanations above, we hope your question of "how to save one Excel Sheet as PDF?" is adequately answered. Seeing the great value it has, it's easy to say that SizePDF is arguably one of the top converters you can depend on. It's free, has tons of features, and can provide another layer of protection for your safety. Those are enough to prove the better value that SizePDF has.

Part 5: Tools to Convert Excel to PDF


First of all, one of our recommended tools on the list is SizePDF. It comes as a website, so you don't have to install or use certain application to open it. Simply use your search engine, and gain an access to the whole feature. SizePDF has broader usability to adjust your PDF files. You can merge or compress the document size into smaller one. The site also provides another layer of safety through encryption to mitigate the cyber security risks.

how to save excel sheet in pdf


Secondly, The converter tool uses what we call as Optical Character Recognition, abbreviated as OCR, to identify and convert each file to PDF. Whether it's an image format, Word, or Excel, it doesn't matter. These formats can be easily turned into PDF or vice versa. The tool is also able to separate or merge your PDF files into one. Each page can be extracted individually and saved into a new file.


Lastly, this tool that sounds tasty may help to convert files into PDF easily. The Icecream PDF converter allows you to do PDF merging as well, even with different settings. It comes with a PDF reader and provides each file with an extra protection through unique passWords. So you don't have to do signup either since it guarantees the full privacy to all users.