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How to Convert A File in MS Excel to PDF Using an Online Converter?

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Converting MS Excel to PDF is often necessary if you want to let other users view your data but not edit it. You may also want to convert your Microsoft Excel to PDF format for a media kit, presentation, and reports, or make a file that can be opened and read by all users, even when they don't have Microsoft Excel installed. For example, on a tablet or phone. These days PDF is arguably one of the most popular file formats.

Part 1: Choosing a Website to Convert MS Excel to PDF Online

Converting MS Excel files to PDF is very easy with the help of converting websites. You have to find a website with an online converter integrated into it. There are many online converters on the web. There are free websites where we can convert MS Excel into PDF. While these websites are free where we can convert MS Excel to PDF. But, there are lots of ads popping here and there. There are some websites like SizePDF where you can convert Microsoft Office Excel to PDF for free, and there are no annoying ads.

MS Excel to PDF

We can choose many better websites for MS Excel File convert to PDF, but those are mostly paid-to-use websites. Some websites provide free trials but ask for credentials that can be quite lengthy.

We also need to check whether the websites are safe or not. For example, some websites can look like normal converting websites, but they can save your crucial files and use or sell the data.

As mentioned before, the SizePDF website is one of the best among free websites to convert a file. The website uses various security protocols and techniques to keep users who want to convert their files and websites safe. In addition, the user can delete the files once it is converted, which makes the user feel more secure.

So, for choosing a website to convert Microsoft Excel to PDF we need to know about the efficiency, usability, and security.

Part 2: Why Online Converter Instead of Offline Converter

We can use both online converters as well as an offline converter to convert MS Excel to PDF. You can choose to use any of the converters.

To use an offline converter, you have to download typical software. You also need to have some knowledge about how to use the software. Offline converters provide more security compared to online converters. With the help of an offline converter, the user must handle the conversion process.

To use an online converter, you have to visit websites like SizePDF, where you can convert any file supported by the website to the required format. The websites are easy to use, and most websites use a similar method of uploading. You don't have to know how to use it, which can save your time to learn how to use those offline converters.