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Is There Best Way to Convert XLSX to PDF Online

It is not wrong to say that PDF is the most widely-used document format. It allows security, convenience, and is sharable. Hence, mostly we do need to convert XLSX to PDF online to meet our purpose. You should know the right way to do it!

Most of us are already aware of the advantages of using PDF in our daily life activities. The best fact about it is that it contains multidimensional data! PDF is universal, the file will look the same in any app, program, or device used to open it. On the other hand, you need to have a specific compatible program or application to read and edit the XLS or XLSX files.

It would be a smart decision to convert any XLSX to PDF online. In this way, you can deal with the information of an Excel spreadsheet in any other format with ease! Yet, there are many different ways you can perform the conversion process. So why not find the most effective option out of them!

Part 1: 5 Methods to Convert XLSX File to PDF Online

There are 5 basic techniques to convert an Excel file to PDF that anyone can choose to use, as under:

a) Conversion Using Software

There are many applications helpful for you to create, compress, edit, and merge PDF files on Windows and Mac computers. You can also make PDF versions of other file formats like XLSX or XLS.
Here are the Steps to Follow:
- After downloading and installing the software, you need to launch it every time on your system when needed.
- Choose the excel file on the user interface and create its PDF.
- Save the PDF file of that Excel sheet on your device by choosing the '*.pdf' extension option.

b) Taking the Help of Google Docs for Conversion

In this digital era, people need to work, study, or communicate using the Internet, Google Docs is the best alternate option to the MS office suite. Hence, you can have an online version of TXT, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files. Not only you can save the files on the cloud but also read, share, and edit them with ease.

Below is the Brief Procedure:
- Go to Google Docs URL in your web browser and log in to it using your Gmail account.
- Click on the File icon, it will show certain options. Next, from there, select upload. Further, click on 'Select a file from your device'.
- Once uploading finishes, it will be shown as an online file in your Google Docs. Open it on Google Docs using its online Sheet Editor.
- Tap on the 'File' option in the menu bar provided on the top, then click on Download and select the (.pdf) extension.
- You will receive a PDF version of that online Excel spreadsheet present in Google Docs.

c) Straight Conversion Using Microsoft Excel

In case, you can access file editing software like WPS or Microsoft Excel, you can access and edit the XLSX or XLS spreadsheets
The following steps can help you get it done:
- Launch MS Excel on your device and open the desired XLS or SLSX file that you would like to convert into PDF format.
- Click on the File menu and tap on Print. It will Display the Excel file in the right section.
- Click on 'Microsoft Print to PDF Ready' on the printer options and tap on the big 'Print' button on the Top.
- A new window will open and ask you to mention the File name as well as the location to save the PDF version of that file on your device.
- Tap on 'Save' and to execute the conversion process.
Note: If you have the MS Excel 2010 or newer, then you can directly 'Save as' your XLSX spreadsheet on PDF or use the 'Export' option for the same purpose.

d) Using OneDrive

If you want to use any other way to convert XLSX files to PDF online than Google Docs, then onedrive.live.com can help you.

Beneath is the stepwise procedure:
- You need to first log in to your OneDrive account and upload your Excel spreadsheet online.
- Now open that uploaded XLSX file in Office.live.com (Excel Online).
- Click on File, then choose the Print button shown on the pop-up prompt.
- After this, a PDF version of your Excel file comes on the display.
- You need to click on'Save'to finally create its PDF copy and save it on your local system/drive.

e) Online Conversion

It is the best among all the above-specified options due to the convenience plus features.
You can check the following steps for a detailed idea;
- Go to converter on SizePDF.
- Click on Select Documents to upload one or more Excel files from your device or system.
- Wait for seconds for it to convert the XLSX file to PDF.
- Once done, it will show a download link, click on this, and you can get a copy of PDF copy of your uploaded Excel file in your local device drive.
xlxs to pdf online

Part 2: Final Thoughts

After going through the above approaches to convert online XLSX to PDF, what do you think would be the best to use for everyday purposes? Our suggestion here is you should go with the last option! You can also use the Excel files present in your Dropbox, Google Drive, or other cloud drives on SizePDF to convert XLSX to PDF online.