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Choosing the Best PDF to Excel Converter Online

With tons of applications and sites, choosing the best pdf to excel converter online could be tedious. Here, we disclose factors you can consider when choosing an online site that can convert PDF to excel format.

Here are the two parts.

Part 1: Factors To Consider

1. Security

No matter how eager you want to use an online solution, security must be your first consideration. The best pdf to excel converter would always use reliable security measures on their site. For example, sites like SizePDF even use SSL encryption for all PDF conversions on their sites.

This implementation allows them to protect the uploaded and converted documents from being leaked. Also, you can tell how important security is when dealing with confidential documents.

2. Conversion Speed

The best converter enables you to convert PDF to excel instantly because they know how precious your time is. You don't want to spend hours just converting documents online right? Of course, the speed also depends on the internet connection you’re using.

3. Editable Excel format

Many converters produce read-only excel documents where you can't possibly do the editing because they use plain conversion methods. The pdf to excel converter best can produce editable excel documents as their method is extracting from the PDF file. Thus you can edit the tables and content on the converted document with no problems.

4. Interface

The interface must be user-friendly and straightforward to save your time and bandwidth. You don't want to view ads or to fill surveys before using the conversion services. Websites like SizePDF allow you to convert PDFs to Excel directly from their main page with no ads or surveys to complete.

5. Multiple PDF uploads

You can save more time if you can convert multiple PDF files at once. That's what a pdf to excel converter best like SizePDF offer for their users. What's more, it allows you to upload and convert several PDF documents to excel in one session.

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Part 2: The Free Services

Wrapping them up, best converters are the ones that allow you to convert the files easily and fastly. However, in many circumstances, you'd have to pay for such services. Imagine how much you must spend for converting tens or even hundreds of PDF documents. There are best free pdf to excel converter sites that you can use online. Still, even the term "free" applies differently in conversion sites.

Time-based Free Plan: When you're registering an account, some sites may give you a free plan for 7, 14, or 30 days. It means that you can use their services freely within those periods but you need to upgrade your plan to extend the use.

Document-based Free Plan: Similar to the previous plan, this free plan is limited by the number of documents you can convert freely. It means you can convert several documents until you'd have to subscribe for the premium plans.

Completely Free Services: Sites like SizePDF offer completely free PDF to Excel conversions. It means that no matter how many documents or how long you want to use the service, you'd be charged $0. You don't even need to register an account.