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Awesome and Free Websites to Change PDF to Excel

Have an urgent requirement to change PDF to excel but worried about downloading and installing software or applications? Fear not. This article will introduce you to fast and easy-to-use websites that will change PDF to excel free, in a jiffy.

Part 1: Free and easy to use websites

We deliver our promises and here are websites that change PDF to excel for you easily. These websites are ideal for PDF file change to excel, as they are uncomplicated, fast and completely online.

1. SizePDF

A great website to change PDF to excel document is SizePDF.

Click on "tools" and select "PDF to Excel".
Click on "Select documents" and then select the document to be converted.
Once the conversion completes click "Download" to access converted Excel on PC.

SizePDF is absolutely free and the biggest pro is that it retains most of the formatting in the original document.

Indeed, some fonts aren't retained by the website. Nevertheless, it is an awesome tool for PDF to excel change.

change pdf to excel file

2. Small PDF

Another tool to change PDF to excel online free is Small PDF.

Click on tools and select the option "PDF to Excel".
Once redirected, click on "CHOOSE FILES", then 'From device', and select your file.
Select "Convert to Excel".
Click on 'DOWNLOAD' once complete PDF change into excel to download converted Excel on PC.

The biggest drawback to Small PDF is that it requires registration to convert more than two files a day and to access services like OCR conversion. Also, the formatting of the converted Excel is an issue. Please check the site of the PDF selected for conversion below.

Apart from not retaining some of the fonts in the original document, the Excel file converted by Small PDF splits information into four sheets.

3. iLove PDF

iLove PDF is another site to change PDF to excel online.

Click on "ALL PDF TOOLS" and select "PDF to EXCEL".
After redirection, select the file to convert.
Click on "Convert to EXCEL".
Click on "Download EXCEL" to access your converted file.

Unlike Small PDF, iLove PDF offers unlimited conversion without registration. However, you still need to signup for other services like OCR conversion.

Though like Small PDF, the information in the Excel file produced by iLove PDF is also split into four sheets and some of the fonts are not retained.

Part 2: Security features of each website

The biggest concern with free websites is the confidentiality of documents. Small PDF, iLove PDF and SizePDF provide SSL encryption. Additionally, Small PDF and iLove PDF are ISO accredited but retain files on their servers for 1-2hrs. Surprisingly, SSL encrypted files on SizePDF site can be deleted with just one click! Small PDF is also GDPR compliant while iLove PDF approves by the PDF association.

Compatible with most browsers and on both Windows and Mac, these sites are best to convert PDF to excel online free. Based on your need select Small PDF or iLove PDF for value-added options or select an all-free option like SizePDF.