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Convert PDF to CSV for Free, Yes, We Can

We use comma-separated values or as well known as CSV to store tabular data. Therefore, it can be used when we have a PDF file that contains a big table and many numbers, eg.: bank statements. After we convert PDF to CSV for free, we will be able to make further use of that data.

Part 1: Free PDF to CSV Converter

If you do not waste your money converting PDF, then you need a free PDF to CSV converter. Yes, we all can find many ways to do that.

However, the results do not always make us happy. Some of them are useless. After converting, we need to check if the converted file shows all the data or just shows numerous weird symbols, which is annoying and 100% useless.

Some of the converter websites even ask us to sign up or pay using a credit card. Well, some of us surely do not want to take a risk by giving the credit card details to the website. And they rarely give good results.

That is why some people prefer the paid website or application to convert PDF files into CSV format. The subscription fee varies, but mostly hundreds of dollars for a lifetime or dozens monthly. So do we always have to pay for this activity? Not really. Please read the explanation below.

Part 2: The Best Free PDF to CSV Converter

There are some free converters that can be found on the internet. However, some of them require us to sign up which wastes our time. There is another PDF to CSV free converters that do not require us to sign up, but put a lot of advertisements on their website and mostly are the annoying pop-up advertisements that cover the website content.

So, what is the best website to convert PDF to CSV for free? The answer is SizePDF. "I never heard it before. Why is it the best one?", you may ask.
convert pdf to csv format

Well, it is because this new website allows us to do the PDF to CSV conversion free without signing up and annoying pop-up advertisements. SizePDF also makes it easier for us to convert many PDF files to the file we wanted.

How many PDF files? Unlimited. Yes, you read it correctly, this free converting tool permits us to convert unlimited PDF files to other format and provides good results, not just numerous meaningless symbols. It shows us the complete and correct data.

Unlike the other free online converter, SizePDF allows us to convert them all at once. We do not need to wait for the next 2 hours or even the next hour for converting many big PDF files to CSV format in less than 5 minutes.

Part 3: More about SizePDF

Not just to convert PDF to CSV for free, SizePDF also helps us to convert PDF files to Doc, Xls, Ppt, and Text quickly for free with the original file layout and the neat formatting.

Besides converting files, SizePDF can also help us to compress PDF into the smallest version without reducing the file quality.

If you are curious to know how good this website is, you can directly open the SizePDF website on your favorite browser, choose the PDF to CSV option, convert all the needed PDF files, and download them right away.

Actually, "csv" is equivalent to "excel".