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How to Easily Convert PDF to Excel Free?

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Do you want to easily convert PDF to Excel free without any complicated stuffs? In this article you will find how to it with ease!

Most of us still hardly convert PDF to Excel for free. Although this is an important thing in our daily works, most of us still confused how to convert. In this article you can find how to easily convert PDF to Excel free.

Part 1: Why it is Important to Convert PDF to Excel Free

Converting PDF to Excel is one action to ease our daily works. PDF, or Portable Document Format is a widely used file format for office works. This type of file eases us to open and send files without further editing. PDF format is purely for viewing and sending. In short, PDF is a read-only file. Sometimes we need to edit datasheet on PDF for further input. One way to edit PDF is to convert it to Excel.

On the other hand, Excel is a file format for datasheet in numbers, tables, and graphs. In quantitative data processing, this format is widely used. With excel file format, we can make and edit datasheets easily. When it is converted from PDF to Excel, we can edit datasheets on PDF only. Luckily, there's an easy and great method to convert.

Part 2: The Best Option to Easily Convert

The best and easiest option to convert is using PDF to Word website. PDF to Word is a website that easily convert without any charge and any ads. In other words, this website is safe to use and not complicated at all. With drags and clicks, just open this website on SizePDF and follow the next procedure to convert.

Part 3: How to Convert

These are the steps:

1) First of all, open PDF to Word on SizePDF

2) Secondly, prepare the PDF file that you will convert to Excel.

3) Click tools and then select PDF to Excel on website toolbar. You can find the PDF to Excel option if you scroll down the website.

4) After that, choose the PDF to Excel option, drag your PDF file that you will convert to Excel, and click convert.

5) Immediately, the converted file will be processed

6) Lastly, you can download it by clicking the button. Your PDF is now ready.

PDF to Excel

In conclusion, now you know how to convert PDF to Excel free using SizePDF. This website is safe to use, similarly, has no need to install any application, and no need to pay any fee.  Without any convert limit or any download limit. Just open the website to convert easily and for free.