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How to Easily Convert PDF to Excel Online Free Without Email or Login

Having to work with multiple PDF files is always a challenge, especially if you’re in rush hours. Let’s say you want to find online tools to edit those PDFs, it’s likely the last thing you want to see is a signup screen as it might waste your time and efforts. Then, you’re in luck, this article will guide you to convert pdf to excel online free without email signup or login at all.

Yes, you read it correctly, you don’t have to waste any more time creating IDs or whatnots with this pdf to excel format. And best of all, it’s totally free!

And with the right tool, you no longer need to waste your time trying to log in. To be specific, the tool you’re going to work with is called PDF To Word. And it mainly converts PDF files into editable document output such as MS Word or Excel.

So, without further ado, follow these easy guides below to easily convert PDFs to many file formats you wish to work with:

Part 1: How To Convert PDF To Excel Format Quickly

First, open SizePDF on your browser. It can work on any major browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc. For better access, you should bookmark the website, so you can easily access it the next time you need it.

Next, click on the “Select Document” button. From there, choose one or multiple PDF files that you wanted to convert into MS Excel.

After dropping the files, you just have to wait for the automatic conversion of the files. The conversion process is done when the “Download” button pops up. Press that button to download the converted files to your selected folder(s). On Windows, all the downloaded files will be on your Download folder by default.

Voila, in less than five minutes, you have already converted all the PDF files to Excel without any need to log in or create usernames.
convert pdf to excel online free without email

Part 2: What Else You Can Do With SizePDF Converter

As the name suggests, SizePDF helps you convert PDF files mainly to MS Word or Excel, but that’s not the only takeaway. You can also use it to convert PDFs to MS Powerpoint or convert your works back into PDF, which is very handy in many situations!
Just head back to SizePDF, and then hover over the “Tools” tab. There, you can find many other helpful options that you need.

All those tools are free and do not require you to log in with emails. It’s the best way to work with PDFs, especially if you’re in a hurry and need to get multiple files conversion quickly.

The instructions are mostly the same. It simply takes a few clicks to get your PDF to excel online free no email, or to many others.

Part 3: Why You Should Convert PDF to Excel Online Free Without Email

There are a number of reasons why you should avoid using emails to log in, such as:

  • Privacy

It’s a common practice for business partners to share information regarding their clients, especially when it comes to marketing. In this case, your email address might be shared with other parties, resulting in a surge of offerings to your email inbox.

  • Security

There’s a possibility of a malicious attack toward a service/website from unknown hackers. The worst case is when those attackers stole the database of users, and you use exactly the same password everywhere else.






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