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How to Convert PDF to Excel Spreadsheet for Smartphone

You might be wondering now, can you convert PDF to Excel spreadsheet from your smartphone? If you need to turn PDF to Excel sheet or just wish to update some text in a spreadsheet format, you should always transform PDF to Excel sheet.

Part 1: Convert PDF file to Excel Spreadsheet for Smartphone

The first solution in PDF to Excel sheet convert we recommend is completely free and compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows 10, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS. Most importantly, continue reading to learn how to change PDF to Spreadsheet.

When using this technique, you won't even need to download a third-party app for your smartphone. Above all, follow the instructions below to convert PDF into sheet.

Here's how to convert PDF to numbers spreadsheet:

convert pdf to spreadsheet

Part 2: Convert PDF spreadsheet to Excel Using Apps

The following method allows you to convert PDF to Excel sheet on your iOS or Android smartphone. Therefore, please keep in mind that you will need to download a third-party software for this one, and it will only work if you have an active internet connection on your smartphone. Above all, having stated that, take these actions to convert PDF into Excel spreadsheet:

Congratulations! Your PDF files have been succesfully converted to Excel document. You can now edit and make changes to your document freely!