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What is the Best and the Safest Tool to Export PDF to Excel

PDF is a common format to find in the professional world. Oftentimes, it contains spreadsheets that can’t be edited in PDF format. That's why you need to export PDF to Excel first in order to edit the spreadsheets. Let me show you how.

Part 1: A free tool

There are so many tools that you can find to export a table from PDF to Excel, some of them are free and some of them are not. But, I'm not going to let you go on the net to browse tools and try them one by one to know which works best to do such a job, I’m sure you already did that (that’s how you find this article, correct?). So, here’s my recommendation, use PDF to Excel from SizePDF website.

PDF to Excel is a free online tool that will help you to complete a simple task without any hassle. You only need to do two simple steps after visiting the website to finish the job.

1. Click the "Select documents" button, and upload the PDF file.
2. Wait a moment until the conversion completes and click the download button afterward.

This tool allows you to batch export PDF to Excel. Therefore, if there are more than one PDF files that you need to export to Excel, then you can go ahead and click the "select more files" button in the upper-left corner inside the rectangle and let the tool do the rest for you.

It is the easiest method to export PDF file to Excel that literally anyone could do it effortlessly.

export fillable pdf to excel

Part 2: Is it safe?

As it is an online tool, you need to be sure if it is reliable and safe to use. There are lots of tools out there that demand you to register before you can use it to export data from PDF to Excel. They can use your private data to gain benefit on their end, but not so much on your end. With PDF to Excel, there’s no need to register anything, simply visit the website and upload your file.

PDF to Excel has implemented an SSL certificate that stands for Secure Socket Layer, it's an encryption-based Internet security protocol that ensures privacy, authentication, and data integrity in Internet communications. With this certificate, you can be certain that it is safe to export a table from PDF to Excel.

PDF to Excel is an efficient converter that will be ready whenever and wherever you might need it. There is no better way to export PDF to Excel than this.

After converting a PDF file to Excel, you might wanna turn it back to a PDF file after editing it. For that, you can opt for a tool called Excel to PDF. You can find it on the same page as PDF to Excel. Convenient, right? So, what are you waiting for, get your work done with PDF to Excel!