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How to Copy Table from PDF to Excel Quickly and Free

Many students or office workers get so frustrated when they have to work with PDF files, especially during the editing process. Editing PDF into Word is one thing, but editing PDF tables into a workable Excel format is way more difficult. To ease the process, you definitely need to know how to copy table from PDF to Excel with just the right tool.

For your reference, PDF files are commonly transferred among different platforms, from PC, tablets to smartphones. Unfortunately, they are rather hard to edit as is, so you have to find tools to convert those PDFs into editable formats like MS Words or Excel.

But fret not, gone are those days when you have to manage subscriptions for several separate tools. From this point onward, you will only use a single tool, which is free, and easy to use. This guide can help you become familiar with this tool as soon as possible.

The tool you're going to use is an online PDF converter which is known as “SizePDF”. As it said on the tin, it does best at converting multiple PDF files into editable documents like MS Word or Excel. It has everything you need to deal with PDFs and it continually adds new features that will make your work a breeze.

Part 1: How to Copy PDF Table to Excel

Open SizePDF in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc), and save it to your bookmark for quick access later (ctrl+D on Chrome). The best part of this tool is the fact that you can use it directly, without having to log in or making a user ID, it pretty much saves a lot of time and effort.

First, upload your PDF by pressing the "Select Document" button in the middle of the screen. After that, pick all the PDF files you want to convert into Excel. Worth noting, make sure each PDF doesn't go beyond the 4 Mb file size limit (the developer may change this restriction later).

Next, wait for the conversion to complete. Fortunately, you won't have to wait for too long as each PDF will be converted individually. When it's done, press the “Download” button to get the converted files to your computer. The default location of these files will be in your “Download” folder (on Windows).

The downloaded files would already be in Excel format which you can edit easily. See, this conversion process with SizePDF is so effortless, quick, and clean. Remember, you can also convert multiple PDF files in one queue, very useful if you're working with a lot of PDFs.
how to copy table from pdf to excel

Part 2: Some neat tricks you can do with SizePDF

Not only converting PDF to Excels, but you can also use SizePDF to do these useful taskings:

1. PDF to MS Powerpoint

In a hurry to make a presentation? You can rest easy as SizePDF cover your need to convert a PDF into editable MS Powerpoint. Just get those presentation templates quickly (which often come in PDF formats), and impress everyone at the meeting with your nicely presented ideas.

2. PDF to Text

Occasionally, you might want to extract only the text part of said PDF. You can do this easily with SizePDF in a few easy clicks. Just make sure that said PDF actually contains preformatted text, not only pictures (or handwriting).

3. MS Office to PDF

Done with your edits? Need to send it back to your employer in PDF format? You can also do that with SizePDF easily! It can convert MS Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents to PDF.

Those aren't the only features you can get, the developers continually add new features to make you multitask with total ease! In other words, simply bookmark SizePDF to keep updated with it.