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The Easiest Way to Import PDF to Excel

You have come to the right place if you are looking for an easy way to import PDF to excel. No confusing software installations or application downloads, so the SizePDF website is just what you need-simple, fast, free and completely online.

Part 1: How to import data from PDF to excel

We promised an easy way to import PDF to excel and here are the steps to begin to import PDF file into excel. And we have added screenshots of each and every step, and it will help you to get your excel simply and in a hassle-free manner.

1. Head over to the SizePDF website to get started.

2. Click on Tools and select the 'PDF to Excel' option from the drop-down menu.

3. You should now find yourself on the 'PDF to Excel' convertor page.

4. Click on 'Select documents' as highlighted in the screenshot above and then select the document you wish to convert.

5. The document will begin uploading and converting. Have little patience and hold on, then time taken for conversion will depend on the size of your document and Internet speed.

6. You will see the 'Download' button once the conversion is complete. Click on it, then you will be able to access the converted document on your PC.

So the process to import data to excel from PDF is complete!

import a pdf to excel

Part 2: Pros and cons with security features

Well, you wanted to make data into excel from PDF and it is done. However, was the data imported properly? Was the formatting retained? And what about the security of the information you uploaded? Then let us find out the answers to these questions.

The biggest pro of SizePDF site is that it does an excellent job of retaining most of the formatting in the original document.

Then, you can see the excellent job SizePDF website has done to export data from PDF to excel.

Sure, one con is that some fonts not recognized by the website aren't retained. Nevertheless, it is an awesome tool to import PDF to excel free.

Security features
Moreover, your files are safe because they are SSL encrypted. Access to your file is impossible without your permission. What's more, unlike other popular websites that retain information on their servers for 1-2hrs, you can delete the uploaded file with just one click.

There are other websites that will charge you a tidy sum for value added services, as well as provide security features like ISO accreditation and GDPR compliance. However, SizePDF offers quality services absolutely free.

You can convert:
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Excel file to PDF
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PDF to Text
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It offers fast and unlimited PDF to excel import without any need to sign up, so SizePDF is definitely user-friendly and Ad-free. You can import text from PDF to excel on all your browsers and with both Windows and Mac.

So what are you waiting for? Simply head out to the SizePDF website to change PDF to excel, then you can do it much more with the tools