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PDF to CSV Easily

When we receive a PDF file with the separated record that requires our editing, we need to convert that PDF to CSV to make it editable.

Part 1: The Benefit of CSV File Format

CSV (Comma-separated values) file contains the table with numbers and text only (without picture). Just like its name, each record of this file format is separated by a comma or semicolon.

Therefore, it helps us to input and perform simple data entries into the database. So when we receive a PDF file with the separated record (we assume it was originally CSV) that we want to edit, we need to convert that PDF to a CSV file to make it editable.

The CSV extension data is generally used to exchange large amounts of data on different applications. It is because CSV data is the easiest way to export and import data into another program.

CSV file format was created to facilitate data transfer without manual inputting. That is we use CSV data to exchange big data on different applications.

You may ask, "What application do I need to open, edit, export, and import a CSV file?" Well, Microsoft Excel is the one that you need. You can import and export the data master of sales report, stock report, customer data, supplier data, etc. using CSV format on Microsoft Excel.

Besides exchanging that CSV to different applications, you can also convert it into PDF format for a more stable, neat, and professional look.

Part 2: How can I convert PDF to CSV Excel File

In order to convert PDF to CSV Excel file, you can use various applications or websites. If you want to edit that file using your tiny smartphone or tablet, then you can download various applications on either Google Play Store or App Store.

But a CSV file usually contains many tables, text, and numbers. It has a big file size, so it may harm your smartphone. Besides, you obviously will not feel comfortable looking at that file on the smartphone or tablet's small screen.

That is why you need a PDF to CSV format converter on a website version. One that you can use is SizePDF. You may have not heard or looked at this website before, but this website provides many advantages.
convert pdf to csv format

When you convert PDF to CSV using another website, you must sign up first. Let us be honest, most of us do not like to go through the sign-up process, starting from filling in the name, phone number, and email, and also doing the verification through email or SMS.

Some websites allow you to log in using your Gmail account but it does need your verification and we all know that sometimes the verification link does not work out. Then we ended up trying several times to get our PDF file converted into a CSV file.

Well, if you use SizePDF, you will be able to convert your PDF to CSV format without signing up. You just need to open this website on your favorite browser and choose PDF to CSV format. SizePDF even allows you to convert many PDFs to other files at one time for free. Happy converting!

Actually, "csv" is equivalent to "excel".