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How PDF to Excel Converter for PC Works

People are searching for a pdf to excel converter for pc but they barely find the straightforward one. Here, we cover two major ways to convert PDF to excel format including offline and online. The extraction uses offline software or online sites.

Here are the two parts.

Part 1: Extracting PDF to Excel

The idea of extracting PDF to Excel comes from the need of getting editable tables and texts from the read-only PDF document. The process of extraction in a pdf to excel converter for pc can be done in two different methods. First, you can convert the PDF files to excel offline by using the software that you've downloaded and installed on your computer. Second, there are online sites like PDF to Word that allow you to do the conversion on site.

Offline Conversion: You need to download a pdf to excel converter free download for pc like Adobe Acrobat DC and install it to your computer. After installation is completed, you can convert any PDF file into excel format without any internet connection. Be sure to download the software from a trusted or original source because you don't want to install malware into your computer.

Online Conversion: If you don't desire to install any pdf to excel converter for pc free download to your device, then you can use online sites like SizePDF. Here, you only need to upload your PDF files, convert them online, and download the excel documents. You can access these sites using a secure browser and internet connection.
pdf to excel converter for pc

Part 2: Using PDF to Excel Online Converter

Generally speaking, using an online converter is more practical especially if you're using multiple devices and desire an instant conversion. There's no pdf to excel converter download for pc works more practically than online converters. Let's have a look further at the online conversion process using the SizePDF to extract excel documents from a PDF file.

Choose PDF to Excel: The website offers different types of conversions on its pages. Be sure to choose the PDF to Excel as default or you might end up downloading word documents instead. The default conversion appears above the "select documents" form. You can choose the default conversion on the bottom part of the main page.

Upload the PDF Documents: You can browse the PDF file you want to convert to the site. Sites like SizePDF allow you to upload and convert multiple files at once. However, it's okay if you want to manage them into several batches for better management in your internal storage.

Convert the PDF: after the completion of the upload process, you can press the "convert" button to confirm your conversion. This might take seconds to minutes depending on the number and size of the PDF documents you want to convert.

Download the Excel file: Finally, the excel format of the PDF files would be available after the conversion process is completely done. You can download the available excel files into your computer or device and open them with Microsoft Excel or other compatible software.

You can then edit and use the extraction results for your materials or projects. If you need more PDF files to convert, you can easily repeat the process above.