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5 Best Online &Offline PDF to Excel Converter Software

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There are many PDF to Excel converter software to make your paperwork easier than before. Some converter software is online, and some are offline. You can choose one of them that suits you best. Here are the 5 best online and offline PDF to Excel converter software to help you do tour work.

Part 1: SizePDF (Recommended)

PDF to Word is an online PDF to Excel converter software that features PDF conversion to another format. So that, you can simply visit the website on your browser. SizePDF features PDF conversion and vice versa. Moreover, SizePDF is a free PDF converter software, you don’t no need to pay any fee. SizePDF is also ads-free, so you can do your work without being interrupted.

PDF to Excel

Part 2: iLovePDF

iLove PDF is an online PDF to Excel converter software. It features OCR (Optical Character Recognition), PDF editing, and PDF conversion. You can access it on your browser. It offers offline software, so you can download and install it on your desktop. However, all these features are limited to the paid version. Its free version has limited service and contains too many ads that may disturb your work.

Part 3: Adobe Acrobat

An offline converter software, Adobe Acrobat is the default offline software for PDF editing and conversion. It features OCR, annotation, and document signing. It processes PDF conversion with ease and keeps the original file formatting. Adobe Acrobat is a paid software and has a free version. Nevertheless, the free version does not offer any conversion feature, so you must purchase the paid version to convert PDF.

Part 4: Cogniview PDF2XL

With the plethora of features, cognitive PDF2Xl is an offline converter software. It supports over 130 languages, OCR, and PDF to Excel conversion. It has smart layouts to edit PDF It is a downloaded software but can be connected online to support better processing. Also, it is paid software. To access the complete features, you must pay for the license.

Part 5: Talkhelper PDF Converter

An offline converter software, Talkhelper PDF converter can convert PDF to Excel without losing its original data format. Moreover, it supports over 46 languages and OCR. Its main features are the priority features. You can prioritize your editing, format, and OCR mode on certain PDF files. It’s free software. However, it only supports Windows, so you can’t install it on another platform.

Now you know the 5 best online & offline converter software. Some can be directly accessed on the browser, while some must be downloaded first. You can choose according to your need, whether it's online or offline, paid-only or free. Some free converter software is ads-laden, but one PDF to Excel converter software like PDF to Word is ads-free, so you can do your works without any disturbance.