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Convert PDF to PPT I Love PDF, Best File Converter

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PDF is a popular file format that makes sharing easy. When you are sharing a PDF file, you don't need to worry about version incompatibility that sometimes happens with Word or PowerPoint file format. But what comes as an advantage of using PDF is also a major flaw for users, which you will have a hard time editing a PDF file before you convert PDF to PPT I Love PDF.

Part 1: Many Ways to Convert PDF to PPT

With Online Free Tool (Recommended) – To convert PDF to PPT I love to use the SizePDF online tool. Not only because the user experience is great, but it's also free. We can easily convert PDF into PPT with a few clicks. First, go to the SizePDF website. Second, navigate to the Tools menu and click PDF to PowerPoint. Then, find the PDF documents that we want to convert. Finally, download the converted file. That's it, as easy as that.

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With Offline Free Tool – I love convert PDF to PPT with TalkHelper PDF Converter. We don't need to pay anything for the app subscription and it works like a charm without an internet connection. It is suitable for us that want to convert lots of files but don't want the conversions to eat up our internet package. Although it doesn't consume the internet package. But it occupies our storage because it needs installation. With this disadvantage, it becomes tiresome if want to convert the PDF files from different devices.

With Offline Paid Tool – Normally this type of tool comes with a Free Trial or Free Demo with limitations. Hence, we need to pay a good amount of money, either one-off or recurring to access the tool fully. After paying for the app, we also need to install the app to convert PDF to PPT I Love PDF. And for some offline apps, it only supports one operating system. So we cannot access the app from any device that we desire.

Part 2: Introduction to PDF-to-Word Online Free Tool

PDF-to-Word is an online tool that comes with lots of features and is completely free. The features include: PDF to Word, ILovePDF convert PDF to PPT, PDF to Excel, PDF to PowerPoint, PDF to Text, Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, PowerPoint to PDF, and Text to PDF. There is no size limit, and it takes only a few seconds to make our PDF editable. It's online without the requirement to register or log in. We can convert an indefinite amount of files and do not have to wait for the features to be unlocked. It is indeed the best file converter.