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Convert Effectively with PDF to PowerPoint Converter Online Free

Even though the name doesn't specify it, but it is capable enough to PDF to PowerPoint converter online free. Being one of its kind, the website could perform high-end multitasking conversion of bulky and numerous files online.

Part 1: Problems Faced in Converting PDF Files Online

Below are some of the problems of converting PDF files or any document into PowerPoint file:

Loss of Data: There is a great chance that all the content of your PDF does not form a part of your converted PowerPoint file. Most of the times, the code in those websites won't be able to understand your PDF file. So, it ignores what it cannot understand which leads to loss of data when we try to convert PDF file to PowerPoint online.

Loss of Formatting: At times when we make our Word file into a PDF document and want it to be a PowerPoint document, we would definitely format our Word document, won't we? The problem is that while converting so, there is a problem that the formatting may be lost and the PPT file would simply look absurd.

Noneditable file: The converted PPT file cannot be edited furthermore which makes it difficult to change/fix any errors in the file.

Font: The Font Style and Font Size changes randomly and without uniformity. PowerPoint files are generally for presentation purposes. The converted file lacks the main purpose of a PPT file.

Part 2: Salient Features of SizePDF- Convert PDF Files Online Free

pdf to powerpoint

Some of the salient features are as follows:

1) Absolutely Free of Cost:  It is free to export PDF to PowerPoint. There is neither restriction of document size nor any limits on accessing all the tools.

2) Equipment Free: You can search this website through any browser on Windows, Mac, or any smartphone. It is compatible with all networks and devices. Thus, it makes the PDF to PowerPoint converter online free unlimited

3) Faster: It takes the least amount of time to export PDF to PowerPoint in the entire internet.

4) No Need to login: There is basically no need to login to have access to our tools. They are completely free and require no Gmail sign up or whatsoever.

5) Free time: Most of the websites provide only a limited conversions every day to export PDF to PowerPoint converter free online. However, this website is completely free and they allow unlimited conversions. This is one of the best features,

6) Encrypted Security: For privacy concerns, the website convert the files are encrypted by SSL. Hence, there will no leakage of data anywhere during the entire process. You are the sole owner of your files and people cannot access to your files without your permission.

Above all, these salient features make this website, one of its kind.