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Converting Files from PDF to PowerPoint Using Online Tools

A PowerPoint presentation is a very powerful method for having highly effective communication with the audience. Sometimes, we need a PDF to PowerPoint converter to get the most out of a file. However, it is important to choose a tool that doesn't lose any formatting during the entire process.

Now, allow me to explain the tools which you can easily perform this conversion process.

Part 1: Best PDF to PowerPoint Conversion- Free Tool

If you want to export PDF to PPT for free, there is no better option than SizePDF, which has an exceptional interface. It is essential to ensure no changes in the content during the conversion process. This tool will allow you to perform conversion with the simple steps we have mentioned below:

  1. You need to visit their official website and tap on the PDF to PowerPoint option located on the menu.
  2.  Once you reach the converter, we suggest uploading the file you want to convert. It is suggested to wait for a few moments after adding the file.
  3.  After completion of the conversion process, you have to tap on the "Download file" option.

That's all; it will complete your request in a matter of minutes without any need to pay anything.
PDF to PowerPoint

Part 2: Convert PDF to PowerPoint Using Paid Tool

Users preferring the paid tool can think about choosing PDFelement thanks to its impressive working system. You need to perform the following steps for completing PDF to PowerPoint task:

A paid option is a good one when you have lots of images in the PDF file. If not, you can go for the free tool we have mentioned in the post.

What happens to my files that are uploaded on PDF to PowerPoint converters?

There are many questions that people have while using the PDF to PowerPoint converters. One of them is what happened to the files that they upload on the platform. Does the platform save them? If we talk about a quality converter, there is nothing to worry about regarding this prospect.

A reputed platform like PDF to Word or iLovePDF will never save the file you uploaded on them. They usually have an interface that doesn't access the PDF files uploaded by the users for the conversion process. So, there is nothing to worry about someone might steal your presentation.

These are the best ways for converting PDF to PowerPoint with minimum effort. Whether you go for a free or paid one, extraordinary results are guaranteed for sure.