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Use PDF to PPT Converter Online Free for the Easier Life

We often need PDF to PPT converter online free. Imagine you have made the best presentation and saved it as a PDF file. Then you realized that you missed something. If it happens, then it will be the perfect time to use free online convert PDF to PPT.

Part 1: What are PDF and PPT

For those who are not familiar with PDF and PPT yet, please read the explanation below:

PDF is a file format that was developed by Adobe in 1992. It is used to present documents, including images and text formatting, in a manner independent of any software and operating systems.

As time goes by, PDF has become the mandatory format in most companies. As they are uneditable, the files are safe from any attempted fraud. It also provides full formatting and alignment, so the document will be tidy.

PPT is the acronym for Microsoft PowerPoint, which is a presentation program that was released in 1987. Through many developments, Microsoft PowerPoint has been providing excellent features, such as unique presentation templates, pictures, SmartArt, and animations.

To this date, PPT has always been a favorite presentation program. So when we receive a PDF presentation and need to make changes, we need a free online convert PDF to PPT.

After converting the presentation into PPT, you can edit that file with unique fonts, nice pictures, graphics, etc.

Part 2: How To Do Online Convert PDF to PPT Free

When you need to convert PDF back to PPT for free, you can find many websites and applications both on Google PlayStore and AppStore.

However, not all the applications and websites give you permission to use the conversion feature without email sign-up. Some of them allow you to do online convert PDF to PPT free just 3 times. Then you will need to sign up or even pay the subscription for the 4th and so on.

When you need to convert PDF to PPT online free without email, you may check SizePDF out. It will allow you to convert PDF into PPT online for free without email and free of charge.
convert pdf to ppt free online converter

Firstly, you need to open the website in your browser. Secondly, click the Tools menu (or 3 lines icons for smartphone users) in the top left corner and choose the PDF to PowerPoint option. Thirdly, select a PDF file that you want to convert. In a few seconds, your PPT will show up. Download that PPT file and edit it using something that you missed before.

Other than that, SizePDF can also help you to convert any documents, either Word, Excel, or TXT into PDF. You can also convert PDFs into those other documents.

It will show you the full-text formatting editable on your Microsoft PowerPoint. After you finish editing, you can convert the PPT file into a PDF file again.

So, now that you know the free convert PDF to PPT online, it will help you to get your task quickly and efficiently. Good luck!