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Convert Scanned Documents with PDF Text Copy Online

Another easy way is to convert the PDF to an editable file like text or Word document. If you enjoy copying and pasting text into pdf text copy online, the many other great features that free online convert pdf to word editable text may interest you. We'll show you some of the best, not to mention free, software tools available for copying pdf text online.

This post is to help you copy text or content from PDF files on Windows / Mac / Mobile devices. You can also choose to send it to your email account. These tools are all ready-to-go and can be used without installing any software.

Part 1: Best Alternative of PDF Text Copy Online

If you enjoy copying and pasting text into PDF documents on the web,  SizePDF has all the great features that fit your need. We'll show you why we are simply the best, and workable solutions. The tool helps you to copy text or content from PDF files on Windows / Mac / Mobile / Internet. In addition, not to mention free, safe and no registration is needed for converting unlimited files. Yes, you can use the website on any system with which you have Internet access.

PDF to Text

Moreover, the tool supports creating, converting, editing, reading, annotating, and signing PDF files. It will let you convert pdf to text editable word or Excel. Thus, it is convenient to copy a lot of words. In addition, you can use the tool to remove restrictions from PDFA, so that you can even copy text to a read-only PDF or a password-protected PDF.

After conversion, it will retain the same fonts, paragraphs, tables, and columns as the PDF file. In other words, you can edit the content, extract text, or add new elements as needed. If you want to copy or extract all the text in a PDF file on your Android or iOS phone, you can directly convert the PDF to Word.

Part 2: Copy and Paste with Able2Extract Professional's OCR Tech

With Able2Extract Professional's OCR technology, you can copy scanned pdf copy text online with original or electronically generated PDF. After drawing a selection rectangle and clicking Copy to Clipboard, Able2Extract Professional will automatically detect if the active document is a scanned PDF and perform OCR. It allows you to extract text even from image-based PDFs.

Drag your mouse and select the text you want to copy into the PDF.  Then right-click the selected text and choose Copy. You can open Microsoft Word and press A "Ctrl + V" A on the keyboard to paste the copied text. After copying the PDF text click the "Convert" button,

Part 3: Copy and Paste with AutoCAD for MAC Users

Let us show you the best way to pdf text copy online to a DWG file while preserving the format to be used in AutoCAD. All you need is to have installed AutoCAD 2017 or later on your computer. Convert your PDF files to DWG easily using the "Import PDF" command.

At first, open AutoCAD, click the AutoCAD application button (on your top left corner). Next, click Open, locate the DWG file you'd like to convert to PDF and click Open. Click File, New> PDF from the application menu, or go to the Tools tab and click Create PDF. From the Create PDF menu, choose Single File, then click the New button to open the Open dialog box. Open the PDF file in an online reader or internet browser by clicking the file link.

Left-click and drag the cursor on the text to be copied to select it. As with the previous instructions, just click and drag to select a piece of text, and then click the "Copy to Clipboard" button on the "Convert" toolbar.