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How to Change PDF to Text Arabic

Many people think that changing PDF to text Arabic is not easy. We may only perform the conversion with plain letters. Well, that's not true. This is the tutorial you need to convert PDF to text in Arabic easily without using any software.

Part 1: How to Convert PDF to Text Arabic

We may not be able to edit a PDF file directly if the file is still in PDF format. So, you have to convert it first to another format like docx. However, can this be done if the font or font in the file is Arabic text? The steps are as follows. The following is a tutorial on how to easily convert PDF to text Arabic.

convert arabic pdf to text

Done, once downloaded, please open it to check the conversion result. By using the convert PDF to text Arabic website in this tutorial, the conversion results will be perfect and the results will be editable immediately.

The online converter website recommended here uses a special algorithm that makes it superior. One of its advantages is its ability to convert from various types of text, including Arabic. So now you can get the editable file from Arabic PDF quickly without having to do it manually or using paid software. Remember, this method is free!

Part 2: The Advantages of Using Our Converter

In addition to its ability to convert various types of text, including copying Arabic text from PDF to word, there are several other things that make this website highly recommended by users on the internet. Here are some of the advantages of online Arabic PDF to text converter.

Free and No Signup

Usually if a service on the internet is free then you will be asked to sign up. Here you can directly use the converting service without having to sign up. This will make the conversion process easier because there is no need to spend time signing up.

In addition, by not needing to sign up, then you can do the conversion anonymously. Your personal data remains safe!


There is nothing more annoying than a service that is free but not user friendly. This will make it difficult for you to do work and reduce your productivity.

By using our website, getting text file from PDF would be very easy. Fortunately, there are clear instructions on the website, which are easy to follow. So, you can complete the conversion extremely quickly.

PDF Files Will Be Deleted After Conversion

This process is to ensure the security of your PDF data. We understand that any file you wish to convert may contain personal or company data which is confidential. Therefore, after the process of converting is complete, the original file will be deleted immediately so as not to leave a digital trail that leads to data abuse.

Hopefully, this tutorial will help you to extract Arabic text from PDF easily to support your work and activity.

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