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How to Change a PDF to a Google Doc in 2021: You Must Know This

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Do you have a PDF document sitting on your desktop and you want to make some edits? Here's another point, are you an avid user of google Docs? Well, this is the right blog for you, here we will answer the popular internet query: How to change a PDF to a Google Doc format.

Part 1: Addressing The Problem & Providing a Solution

How to change a PDF to a Google Doc? There are two ways by which you convert a PDF to a Google Doc without using the desktop word application.

Method 1: Change PDF to Google Doc Using Google Drive.

Step 1: Login into your Google Drive.
Step 2: Click on the new button. On the next pop-up menu, click on "file upload".
Step 3: Navigate to your file location and click on open, then,  you will get a prompt that the upload is complete.
Step 4: Click on your file and, you will see a preview of your document and then click on open with Google Docs.
Step 5: Your file would be converted to Google Doc ( It may take some time depending on the size of your PDF file). That’s it! You have completed the process to change PDF into google Docs!
 change pdf into google docs

Part 2: Addressing The limitations of the Google Drive Method

There’s more to know before you proceed to change PDF into google Docs using Google drive!

The process to change a PDF into a Google Doc is easy, and you can try it yourself, but keep in mind that there are certain requirements:

Part 3: Introducing Our Tool As an Ideal Solution

Method 2: Use an online tool to Change PDF to Google Doc Format.

If your PDF file has too many elements such as pictures, fancy fonts, etc. then trying the Google Drive method wouldn’t be the right thing to do!

Therefore, I would mention that you use PDF to word converter software. But these are paid, right?

No, not anymore, and there are a few PDF to word converters that can help you to change PDF to google Docs format. However, one such tool is the SizePDF free online word converter software!

Here are some of its features:

End-to-end encryption: As soon as you upload your word document to the online portal, then your data is encrypted to ensure maximum security and privacy. No one can access your data except you!

Keeps the structure: no matter how many elements or images are in your PDF file, the online tool keeps the document structure intact. Therefore, it saves me from the hassle of arranging everything back!

Fast: No matter the size of your PDF file, the tool is fast, and delivers the converted file within seconds!

Platform Independent: Because the PDF to word converter is an online web application that works across all platforms/devices. All you need is your PDF file & an internet connection. It does not matter whether you use a mobile device/laptop/Pc or any other device, and you can still convert PDF to Docs on the go!

Once you have converted the file to Google format. Then, you can upload it directly to Google Docs and start editing.

Actually, "Doc" is equivalent to "Docx".