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One of the Best PDF to DOCX Editable Tools

Creating a document is easy, but converting it to a PDF from word or word document to PDF can be time-consuming and not always fun. There are several PDF to DOCX editable software available on the internet for your needs.

Part 1: Many Options with Free Apps

The Free Apps

There is various PDF toDOCX editable tools available to use. Some apps are free of cost. Google Apps are not technically free, but it is popular. Acrobat Pro is one such app that is free to use and offers a variety of features.

The Pros

Acrobat Pro is not only the most preferred app when it comes to converting documents to other formats, but it is also free of cost. It is a fast and efficient tool. It enables to convert PDF DOCX editable. It also offers features like converting documents into other formats such as Excel and PowerPoint. Users can also use it to send emails and create presentations.

The Cons

Every tool that has its pros also has its cons. The main issue with PDF to DOCX editor is that not all apps are good. Some apps fail to retain the original quality of the document. It means when the user prints the converted version of the file, the format changes. A few common issues with such tools are – font size can change, graphics can get distorted, hyperlinks might disappear.

Part 2: Without Having to Learn Any Complicated Techniques

Although there are other tools available to convert PDF to editable DOCX, not every app is easy to use. Users need to watch the tutorial to use these apps or take a tour of the app or website to use its features. These apps many times do not allow to edit converted documents or even add multiple files to edit. There is a tool that offers facilities of premium packages at zero cost. The app is called PDF to Word.

The Pros

PDF to Word Converter is one of the best PDF to DOCX editor to get your PDFs, Word documents, and other files into the format you want. It is also easy to share. When you have many documents that need to get converted to Word, you will appreciate the ability to share them with others using this easy PDF to Word tool. The best part is that it is entirely free. There are no perils of leaking confidential information through a download. What's more, you can even test the free version first to see if it is as efficient as many paid products.

The Cons

One of the downsides is that it can take a while to convert PDFs to Word. Some individuals who are very efficient with words can easily convert a document within five minutes. Also, it is significant to note that it does not handle embedded keys or special characters such as $ or %, which could be a problem for some users. It does allow you to extract text from pictures and links so you can preview it; before you click the convert button. In addition, the free version does not allow you to change the size of text or images that could become a problem for some users.

Other than zero cost and fast conversion, some salient features of PDF to Word Converter are:

Steps to Use PDF to Word Converter

PDF to Word Converter is also an easy-to-use tool. The steps to convert PDF to editable DOCX are very simple. The website also shares the tutorial in five easy steps:

To escape issues, PDF to Word Converter also has a short 15 seconds tutorial video on YouTube.

PDF to Word Converter is among the best PDF to word converter apps on the market. It is ideal for anyone who wants to convert PDFs to Word documents easily and quickly. Even if you only convert a few documents a day, it will still pay off in the long run as you can edit the document in your Word program whenever you want. It will save you time and keep your business running smoothly. To convert PDF to DOCX editable format, head to the converter website now.

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