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The Best Way to Convert PDF to Word doc Free Without Installation

A PDF file needs to be converted many times due to a number of reasons. For example, they may need to be shared and edited at any stage during the office college project. Although there are many options available on the internet, a great number of them ask for installation. However, the users want the best PDF to word doc free without signing up and installing the software.

If you are looking for the same, then this post is all you need to read where we will mention the top PDF to Word converters that don't ask for installation.

Part 1: SizePDF

There is no way we can miss the name of SizePDF while creating the list of the best converters in the market. It is a highly powerful and easy-to-use platform that ensures a pleasant experience for the users. And you will find its functioning amazing during the entire task.

We believe the users won't look beyond this platform while looking for a free PDF to Word doc converter due to its terrific set of features.

pdf to word document free

Part 2: PDF2Go

The PDF2Go seems to be the perfect platform for choosing to perform PDF to word conversion smoothly. Because it is equipped with various pragmatic processing features that ask the users to upload the file and choose the required format. Even the ones who want the conversion of PDF to Word document free become super convenient on this platform.

In addition, the PDF2Go uses OCR intuitively technology to make edits even in the scanned document without any trouble.

Part 3: Online2PDF

people always look for the easiest and fastest methods for converting PDF to Word. And for most professionals, the name of Online2PDF must come to mind first. It is a one-stop tool having an interface in a variety of languages for making online conversion easier.

Online2PDF doesn't ask for software installation as the users only have to upload the file and perform the conversion task.

Part 4: Foxit

Foxit is another impressive website that will let you convert PDF to Word without even a single difficulty. For it comes with a very intuitive interface that ensures conversion becomes faster than one can realize. Thanks to the drag and drop feature, no one can deny its presence in the best option for converting PDF to Word document free.

It means there won't be any need to download any application as the users can straightforwardly upload the file and begin the conversion process. Trust us, this platform's final result usually stays flawless without any errors in the converted file.

Everyone wants a perfect way to convert PDF to Word doc free that performs the job without asking things like installing software or fulfilling sign-up conditions. And these are great websites where you can visit and complete the conversion process in a matter of minutes.