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How to Change PowerPoint to PDF in the Simplest Way Possible

So how to change PowerPoint to PDF? You might encounter several answers. Whether using a converter app or a website, you can always convert PowePoint to PDF by using those tools. But which is the simplest way? Let us find out.


Part 1: How to Change PowerPoint to PDF

So, what's the answer to how to change PowerPoint into PDF? Most would probably recommend using the PDF converters since there's actually no possible alternatives. The PDF converters come in two main forms, the apps, and websites. Which one are you probably using?

To find the solution to "how to change from PowerPoint to PDF?" You need to first understand how the tool actually works. As you might imagine, these converters work semi-automatically. You need to do the manual work by putting your original files into their websites or platforms. Then, the website will deliver the output in the form of desired file formats.

Don't worry, the process won't erase your original files. You can still find them in their original positions.

To use these converters, you need to first upload your documents, run the conversion process, and then the results will come up almost immediately. The lighter the document's size, the faster. These answers are applicable to your question of "how to change PowerPoint file to PDF".

Now if you're wondering about ways to convert PowePoint to PDF, you might refer to the available options. Unfortunately, the choices are abundant, and it keeps getting worse by the day. Since there are too many of them to choose from, we already prepared the recommended tool.

Part 2: Introducing SizePDF

The site is SizePDF, which could be your best, dependable converter tool. SizePDF is able to create PDFs out of various possible formats, including Words, Excels, PowePoints, or Excel. Besides its wonderful capability to convert your documents, it's also incapacity in converting PowerPoint to PDF without losing quality.

The process is actually easy, and quite simple. So, how to change PowerPoint into PDF with SizePDF? Here's what you need to do:

Part 3: Recommended Apps to Convert Your Documents


SizePDF is one of the best free online converters in terms of performance and usability. The site also packs a lot of features that are also free to enjoy as well. Besides its fast-performing conversion, SizePDF also provides another layer of safety by encrypting each document.

change powerpoint into pdf

Soda PDF

Similar to the tool above, Soda PDF also offers simplicity through a simple drop and drag operation. The software is easy to use enough and provides additional safety for each user. It's on par with Adobe Acrobat by offering free-of-cost services. Although they're free, these features are quality. Aside from converting your files locally, Soda PDF makes it possible to convert to cloud storage, including Google Drive and Dropbox. After the conversion process is done, you can save it locally or send it to others via email. You have two options of Soda PDF, the Android app, and the desktop application. Feel free to use both or either of which.


As an alternative to the top free online converters, Lua is highly recommended. What people love about Lua is its capability in offering much better safety protocols than other converters. It has SSL encryption for file transfers, and an auto-delete feature once the conversion process is done. Since it's an online converter, you may freely use it from other devices. As long as you have a steady internet connection, you may have a dependable conversion tool.