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How to Convert PowerPoint to PDF in Few Steps

When you want to share your presentation, sometimes it would be a good idea to convert your PowerPoint to PDF first. That way you can maintain the font, layout, and sensitive data without the risk of being changed.


Part 1: How to convert your PowerPoint to PDF

Convert your ppt presentation to PDF with these easy and simple steps.

1. After you enter the SizePDF website, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the PowerPoint to PDF.

2. Then select the button to upload your ppt files, you can upload multiple ppt files at once to convert them into PDF in one go. Check the progression bar to see whether all files have been uploaded successfully. The upload speed depends on your internet speed and the size of your file. But usually, it takes less than a minute for regular files.

3. Then when all the files are already uploaded, the conversion will then begin. Again take a look at the progress bar. The site will notify you when the conversion from PowerPoint to PDF is completed.

4. After the PPT conversion is completed, click the download button to download the PDF version. You can then click more if you want to upload more PowerPoint files.
And with these three simple steps, you can have your PPT files converted into a PDF format in an instant.

PowerPoint to PDF

Part 2: Benefit of using SizePDF Converter

Surely there are many PowerPoints to PDF converters that you can find on the market. So what makes SizePDF Converter special? Here's why:
1. SizePDF is completely free, without the maximum number of conversions or time limits. Now you can convert as many PowerPoints into PDFs as you want, without having to wait for unlocking. You can convert your PowerPoints to PDF without any card. You don't even need to do any tedious registration or login process, unlike any other converters.

2. It's fast and reliable. You can do the conversion directly from the website and without downloading and installing any application. You can even choose a variety of conversion formats, from Words, Excel, PowerPoint, and even text format. It also offers the opposite conversion, like from PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and text format.

3. It's safe and reliable. SizePDF Converter will convert your file, which you can download directly without having to give your email address. It also offers higher quality PDFs compared to its competitors. With SSL encryption, your converted PDF file is in safe hands. You can rest assured that no one else is looking at your classified work files.

4. It is also available in multiple languages, like English, Indonesian and Spanish.

Part 3: How to use the mobile version

Things do happen. Sometimes you also need to convert your PowerPoints to PDF urgently. Not to worry because SizePDF Converter offers its conversion service in multiple browsers and devices. You can perform your PDF conversion from Windows, Mac, or through your smartphone while being on the go. It is 100% compatible with all networks and devices.

The steps to upload, convert and download your files are also the same. So you can have your PPT converted to PDF while being on the go.

So those are the step-by-step guide on how to convert you PowerPoints to PDF. If you like our article, please share it with your friends.