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Simple PPT to PDF Conversions with SizePDF

Microsoft PowerPoint is a simple-to-use application that may be popular for giving a presentation. If you need to get the presentation notes, convert them from PPT to PDF can be a lifesaver.


Part 1: Why Do We Need to Convert PPT to PDF in the First Place

PPT to PDF conversions should not give you any headache. SizePDF' free online tools will help you get your files from PPT to PDF in no time. But before looking at the steps involved, let's check why one might need such a conversion,

Accuracy and Reliability

Microsoft PowerPoint slides are still one of the greatest methods to deliver information in an aesthetically compelling and easy-to-understand format.

That is if no one messes with the layout and material of that PowerPoint you laboured over for hours. This can cause your important slides for communicating your Q3 initiative to be spoiled or the interactive family picture album to be ruined.

When you convert your files from PPT to PDF, the file is locked and cannot be changed again. This is perfect for guaranteeing to preserve the information exactly as you intended. When converting PPT file to PDF, it can be seen by anybody who doesn't possess PowerPoint. This is because people can see PDFs virtually everywhere irrespective of what program or OS they use.


You might have had a big presentation at your office or your lecture. Chances are you would like to save it for future references. Converting your PPT to PDF file is a great way of archiving it for future use. Since PDFs can lock the layout and information, the platform will save your files for the foreseeable future. Also, archiving them with PDFs makes complete sense as PDF will help you save on file storage. It won’t matter if you want to store a couple of presentations but archiving for larger corporations will require reduced file size.


In case, you are looking to archive sensitive presentations, PDFs are the best choice. Convert your file PPT to PDF and secure it using a password. This way the file will be completely secure.

Part 2: Easily Convert Your PPT Files to PDF Using SizePDF'Free Tools

If you are looking for easy and simple conversion of PPT file to PDF, there is no need to look further than SizePDF. The platform offers safe and reliable conversions of your PPT files to PDF instantly and for free. Let us look at the simple process using detailed steps to help users navigate and understand better.

ppt to editable pdf

  1. Step 1: Users will need to navigate to the home page of SizePDF.
  2. Step 2: On the top right corner, there is an option to select the tool of your choice for conversions.
  3. Step 3: On the tool's menu, select the option "PowerPoint to PDF". This will take you to a new page.
  4. Step 4: Select the files that you need for conversions. Use the file explorer that pops up to browse for the files on your storage. Users can choose multiple PPT files at this stage for concurrent conversions.
  5. Step 5: Once the files are selected, wait for them to upload and get processed by the servers. It will prompt you with a download button once the server completes the conversions. Click on it and you should have a PDF file on your hand.