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Convert PPTX to PDF Online

In previous times, if someone wants to convert their PPTX to PDF then they have to type the whole document in pdf format. At that time it is not possible to convert files to other formats. But now we have some amazing platforms like SizePDF that help us to convert PPTX to PDF online.


Part 1: Benefits of Using SizePDF to Convert PPTX to PDF Online

There are various benefits of using SizePDF like:

1. Easy to access

There are some websites on the internet which are very difficult to find and if we found them, what we see is that they are full of advertisements and it is very difficult to use these websites. But if we talk about SizePDF, it is very easy to access and also there are no annoying advertisements.

Also, you can easily access this website using any browser from any device and you can easily convert PPTX to PDF online.

2. Easy to use

Now the second benefit of using this PPTX to PDF converter online is that it is very easy to use. As we mentioned earlier that there are no unwanted ads on this website. So you can easily convert PPTX to PDF online.
Secondly, to convert your files on this platform, you just have to select the file and hit the start button. Your file will be converted in just one click.
online pptx to pdf

3. Free of Cost

Whenever any website provides such great features, there are some charges or subscription fees to use those features. But SizePDF is available free of cost for everyone. This online PPTX to PDF converter does not charge any amount to convert files.

4. Security

Whenever we hear about a free website, the first thing that comes to our mind is the security of our documents. And most of the free websites leak your files and documents and that is very risky. But there are also a few websites like SizePDF that keep your files secure and there is no need to fear about the safety and security of your files.

Whether you are uploading some confidential documents or you are converting your personal files, SizePDF keep your files encrypted and no one can access your files without your permission.

5. No registration and Login required

SizePDF does not ask for your personal details like phone no. or email id on the name of registration or login. This feature also makes this platform good as you directly visit the website and convert your files. There is no need to waste time on registration and login. You can convert online PPTX to PDF in just seconds.

Part 2: Available Options to Convert Your PDF Files

There are mainly three apps (platforms) available that you can use for online convert PPTX to PDF:
1. SizePDF
2. iLovePDF
3. Smallpdf

If any user wants to convert their PDF files, I don't think they will choose any fourth option other than the above three. But the one that most people prefer is SizePDF. The reason is very clear that it has maximum features that a PDF convertor can provide to its users. Also, it is very easy to use and access. That is why most people use SizePDF only.