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Easy Way to Copying Text From PDF

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Normally we copying Text from PDF Ctrl + V (Windows) or Cmd + V (Mac), However, we sometimes dealing with not feasible, scanned, or secured-protected PDF. Rather than decide to purchase software just to unlock the protection you can simply use SizePDF.

Part 1: Using Online Converter

How to copying Text from PDF is using an online PDF converter. The PDF converter allows you to convert a PDF document into an editable document. You can copy your Text, and use it in another application.

If you find a PDF that requires a password or use a designated password to open the document because some documents have restrictions to prevent you from printing, editing, or copying Text from  PDF.

If you find all those restrictions rather than decide to purchase software just to unlock the protection or an expensive OCR solution. You can use an online converter instead. One of the popular PDF converters is SizePDF. SizePDF is an online tool so, it doesn't require any installation you also don't have to sign in or register and it's easy to use it.

Part 2: How to Use It

You can use this free awesome website to copying Text from PDF. There are many converting websites but there are only a few good ones. SizePDF is one of the best websites to choose from if you are looking Text copy from PDF. Use the following steps to know how to use SizePDF:


copying text from pdf

After you finish downloading the file, you can freely select and copy the Text as you want and paste it to another application. Regardless of whether it's not a feasible PDF, scanned PDF, or a secured-protected PDF. You can copying the Text as you want now.

In Addition, SizePDF you don't have to worry about malware affecting your computer or apps taking up precious storage space on your phones. As an online converter SizePDF do not require installation or even registration to extract PDF files.

when you upload a PDF to convert, the last thing you want is to worry about what happens to your file. SizePDF can take these concerns from you. Your file remains yours, all steps of the way no rights are passed to us, nor does anyone will check the contents of your file. You can find more information about that in SizePDF Privacy Policy.