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Why You Need Convert Text to PDF

Nowadays public widely use PDF or digital document formats. Many people prefer to use this format because it's neater and does not change when you open it using other devices. This article will talk about what PDF is and why do we need to convert Text to PDF.

Part 1: What is PDF

PDF itself stands for Portable Document Format. Adobe systems are developing files with this extension. The company is a party that develops popular graphics software, such as Photoshop and Lightroom. Portable document format means that a document has a special format that is flexible and users can use it on any computer.

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The PDF format is pretty different from the other formats because PDF format document is more flexible, you can also lock, and it's also more secure if you compare with other formats. Well, the PDF file itself usually consists of Text as well as images. Not only that, you can complete PDF files with interactive buttons, links, videos, and much more.

The function of PDF is to create and save a document. For example, Text into PDF, Image into PDF, and Link into PDF, with a special format that can open on many devices, such as Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS, MS Windows, Unix, and much more.

Most people will say we cannot edit PDF files. After we convert PDF files to another file, then we cannot edit the data because the data will mess up, but it's all wrong because you can use PDF converter such as SizePDF to convert and edit the file.

Part 2: Why Do You Need to Convert Text Document to PDF

Documents or files in PDF format are the best choices if you want to send a fixed document with an attractive appearance. Especially. if you want to print out your work, or you want to share your work with others. The process of exchanging PDF documents via email is very easy because they are usually small in size.

You can open PDF files on any platform, you can even open them on smartphones without installing any app. Other reasons why do you need to convert Text to PDF will be explained below:

You can easily get the PDF Reader because it's not only Adobe Reader. Adobe Systems will continue to develop the best features in PDF. Even in the future, SizePDF will be able to support JavaScript, hyperlinks, and other capabilities.