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Simple Ways to Convert Google DOC to PDF

People are now working on Google DOC, which has similarities with Word, but is easier to share and edit. It's actually easy to change Google DOC convert to PDF since it already has a certain mechanism. Here's how to convert Google DOC to PDF:

Part 1: How to Easily Convert Google Word to PDF

Before actually talking about converting a Google DOC to PDF, have you been familiar with the utilization of Google DOC. Seen as a similar product to Microsoft Word, Google DOC is often used more since everyone has started the work at the home trend.

It has similar features as Word but is completed even more with more proper sharing options and the easiness of changing the file format. Besides convert Google DOC into PDF, you can also change the file into Word, and more.

There are two main options to convert Google DOC to PDF. The first one is to save the document into PDF. Yes, you may simply download the document you just wrote into PDF as quickly as possible. To do it, go to File > Download > and select PDF. The converter will then download the file will into PDF files.

The second method requires you to open the Print tab, click the drop-down button, and select 'Save as PDF' in the destination option. Pick the location to save the document, and you're ready to go.

Part 2: How to Converted Downloaded Google DOC Files

The thing is, you can't do the same converting a Google DOC to PDF steps if you downloaded the file into Word. Since the file is already presented in Word format, you need to do a few conversion steps to change it into PDF. Among the top converter tools, we'd like to recommend SizePDF, the recommended online converter that can change Word and Excel and PowerPoint files into PDF. Here's how you do it:

Part 3: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

We often met some questions that people regularly ask on the Internet, and here are the answers:

convert google doc into pdf

Actually, "DOC" is equivalent to "DOCX".