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Expert’s Guide to Convert Word to PDF on iphone

Feeling defeated looking for a way to convert Word to PDF on iphone? Fear not! You can do it and this article will show you how. It's not complicated, it's absolutely safe, free and completely online. Just follow our steps and you are good to go!

Part 1: Steps to Convert Word to PDF on Phone

Some of us may dread using and converting Word and PDF files on our iphones. iOS is infamous for being complicated and illusive. Therefore, we bring to you SizePDF, a website that you can access easily to convert Word to PDF on iphone. Use Safari or any other browser of your choice. SizePDF is compatible and efficient with them all.

Click on the link to the SizePDF website to start it. Select the option 'Word to PDF' from their tools menu on the top right corner. Select the Word file you wish to convert and the conversion process begins immediately. The website is easy to navigate and offers a tutorial that will walk you through every step of the conversion process in case you need further clarification. The conversion hardly takes any time, though, you may need to have patience while converting large files or if your Internet is sloppy!

Easy, isn't it? It will be amazing to find that most of the formatting of the original Word documents are retained in the converted PDF files so you can easily download to your PC. Of course, you may find that some of your fonts are not there in the converted PDF document. However, you need to consider that this website is absolutely free and is providing you an Ad free experience without requiring you to sign up. It provides you a range of tools, then you will have to pay a hefty sum on other websites.

convert word to pdf iphone

Part 2: Available Security Features

So you have learnt how to make Word to PDF in phone. Then the next thing you maybe worried about is the security of data on your phone and the confidentiality of the documents that you upload. But don't worry! The data on your phone is safe and so are the documents you upload. The SizePDF website provides SSL encryption for all uploaded and converted documents. Absolutely, no one is able to access your files without your permission.

Other popular websites do promise enhanced security features like ISO accreditation, GDPR compliance, and they are approved and promoted by the PDF association. However, you will feel uneasy knowing that they will retain your files on their servers for one to two hours after the conversion process. On the other hand, with SizePDF, you can delete your converted files as soon as you have downloaded them.

So, hope you are not feeling defeated and frustrated any more. The next step is simply to go to the SizePDF website to convert Word to PDF on phone. SizePDF works as efficiently on other phones as it does on an iphone.

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