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The Steps to Convert Google Docs Into PDF Online

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You are asked to convert Google Docs into PDF? But you are still confused how to do it? You came to the very right place, because this article will discuss in full about how to convert Google Docs work files into PDF format quickly and accurately.

Part 1: Tools Used to Convert Word to PDF

Before going into the discussion about the steps to convert Google Docs into PDF. You must first know what tools you can use to do this job and which are the best.

Of these three tools, which one is the best? If you want a fast and free process, then you should choose the third tool, which is using an online website. Of the many sites that can convert files from Google Docs to PDF, the PDF to Word site is one of the best and can be your choice. Why? Here are some reasons.

Part 2: Advantages of Google DOCX to PDF Site

The SizePDF site has several advantages when compared to other websites.

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Part 3: Steps to use SizePDF

After knowing some of the advantages of the SizePDF site, the next step is to understand the steps to use it.

How to save Google Docs in PDF using this website is quite simple. First of all, download the document you want to convert on the Google Docs application and save it in Word format. Make sure you can find the file easily. Next, visit the SizePDF site.

On the main page of the website, there is a column for uploading documents. Make sure first that the features listed in the column are Word to PDF. If not, you can go to the top left. On the menu, select the Word to PDF feature. Then, the website page will direct you to the function to convert Google Words into PDF.

In the 'select document' column, select the document you want to convert then click 'convert'. Wait a few moments until the conversion process is complete. After that, you can download the document you want.

That's how to change Google Docs into PDF using the SizePDF site. Very Easy isn't it? With this explanation, you will better understand how to do the job.

Actually, "DOC" is equivalent to "DOCX".