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How to Change a Google Doc to a PDF File Quick and Effective Online?

We need to convert PDF of a word file on Google Docs for many reasons. It could be for study, research, official or legal purposes. There are many ways on how to change a google doc to a PDF, but not all of them are efficient! Let us identify the best among all.

Part 1: How to Change Google Docs to PDF: The Problems

Many of you may get frustrated by facing the following issues in a PDF file converted from Google Docs. Like, direct exporting or downloading the online word into a PDF may result in losing the original text formatting of the document. Or there are chances of improper image placements or broken line spacing appearing in the final PDF copy when downloaded from Google Docs.

Yes, there are some troubles in Google Docs that people generally face troubles while converting an online Document into a Local PDF file! Therefore, many people might get confused about How to get it Done Accurately! What’s the Right Solution on How to Change a Google Doc to a PDF?

Part 2: Is There Any Right Solution on How to Change a Google Doc to a PDF

The solution is to use SizePDF online converter. You can use the SizePDF converter on any internet browser to convert word files to PPT. The best part of using the converter is that you can also easily turn PDF to Word without any glitches. Google Docs uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition). It is a feature to identify the text from the image or PDF files and convert them into words. So there will be higher possibilities of errors in this process of online Doc conversions.

how to change google doc to a pdf

Part 3: Is It Safe to Use Online Converter to Change a Google Doc Into a PDF

You might have some questions in your mind like ‘Whether the tool is safe to use?’ So, one answer to your all doubts is a Yes, due to the following reasons; You do not need to register or provide your details. Neither has bought any subscription! Since it is free to convert any number of files that you need. In addition to this, no possibility of file leakage, it could be of any size. What's more? You can decide the ownership of your files that are uploaded or converted in the Tool so that nobody else can directly access them. A user does not need to download any software on the device. Similarly, you do not need to add any extension in the browser for instant document conversion among different formats.

There are many ways to convert an online Document from Google Docs to a PDF file. If you want the safest, simple, and free method on how to change a google doc to PDF, then you should do it in just two steps.
The first is to download the .doc or .docx version of the opened online word file from Google Docs directly on your system. And, the second step is to open a SizePDF converter on your Internet Browser to choose that word file and convert it into a PDF in some seconds!