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How to Turn Google Docs Into PDF with Easy Steps

As one of the best software for working, Google Docs has been one of many familiarities. Everyone knows how to work on it but still doesn't know how to turn Google Docs into PDF, although it is very easy. Here's what you need to do:

Part 1: How to Turn Google Words into PDF

We mentioned before that Google Docs had become something we're familiar with. Seeing how the world runs today, sharing and editing documents easily is a must. And Google Docs has successfully given us even better than expected.

Before learning about how to turn a Google Docs into a PDF, let us introduce you to what the PDF format actually is. For example, Portable Document Format, or better known as PDF, is commonly used as a way to maintain formatting done within the files. Files, whatever it is, could be converted into PDF to make it easier for sharing. PDF files are easier to open on any device since it doesn't require any specific software to open them. As long as you have a PDF reader, you can easily view any PDF files.

If you wonder how to turn Google Docs into PDF, there are some ways to do it. We'll explain three of them, and let us start with the first method.

First Method

The first method of turning Google Docs into PDF is by using the options in the Docs itself. After opening the Docs, you can simply pick the File menu and select Download. Some options are available, including the PDF. So, you can pick it right away, and the document will be downloaded in PDF.

Second Method

The second method in how to turn Google Docs to PDF is by using the Print option. Similar to the step above, you need to access File and then select Print. You’ll see the Print Preview page. So, click the drop-down button > Destination > Save As PDF.

Part 2: Converting with SizePDF

As for the third and final step, we'll introduce you to the one method using an online converter. This step is viable if you want to convert downloaded documents in the form of Word. Among the top converters, there's one called SizePDF, a complete tool that packs with a lot of features, including the basic conversions.
So how to turn Google Docs into a PDF using an online converter? See them below:

Part 3: SizePDF Advantages

SizePDF is more than a conversion tool. Besides the converting process, you can also merge your PDF files or compress them into smaller sizes. All the features within the size can be accessed without the need for additional payment. Users are free to enjoy the available tools, plus there’s additional safety through encryption protocols? As the answer for 'how to turn Google Words into PDF?', SizePDF will give you exactly what you want and more.

can you turn google docs into pdf
Actually, "DOC" is equivalent to "DOCX".