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Can We Convert Pages Document to PDF?

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Pages is a word processing and document-creation program that is designed by Apple. Similar to Microsoft Word, Pages document has .pages as its file extension. Like Microsoft Word, we can also convert Pages document to PDF.

Part 1: Converting Pages Document to PDF

If you are a writer who works using an Apple device, you surely got many .pages documents. When you send this Pages document to your client(s) who use(s) Windows laptop or computer, they have to save it as a .doc file and open it in Word.

To minimize their difficulty, you can firstly convert Pages document to PDF and send it to them. As it is similar to Microsoft Word, so it can be converted to PDF as well.

You may open the SizePDF website on your main web browser. This blue-white colored website provides language options and many tools. You may choose your preferred language, either English, Espanol, or Bahasa Indonesia.
save pages document as pdf

As for the tools, since the Pages document has similarities with Microsoft Word, you can choose the Word to PDF tool. Then click the Select Document button in the middle of this website and upload your Pages document that needs to be converted into PDF.

If you need to convert more Pages documents, you can click the More button and upload as many documents as you want. Wait for a few seconds and you will finally be able to download all those files.

Part 2: Find a Safe PDF Converter for Free

Before convert pdf to pages document, you need to be sure about the safety of the online converter. Have you ever visited a website that requires you to sign up and enter credit card details for the first time? You should avoid that kind of website because we cannot be sure if that website has strict and strong security or not.

If it does not, a hacker can easily get our credit card details and use them responsibly. Therefore, to be safe, do not enter the credit card details on any website.

You will not experience this when using SizePDF as it provides you with 100% free conversion tools. You do not even need to sign up to convert your documents.

Part 3: SizePDF' Advantages

By using SizePDF to convert pages Document to PDF, you will get these advantages:
● Converting the unlimited amounts of files from and to PDF at once for free
● This Doc to PDF converter without changing format does not require the users to sign up and enter credit card details
● Converting big-size files for free
● Providing converter for these conversions: Word to PDF, PDF to Word, Excel to PDF, PDF to Excel, PowerPoint to PDF, PDF to PowerPoint, Text to PDF, and PDF to Text
● Providing English, Bahasa Indonesia, and Espanol

Now that you know one of the best Doc to PDF high quality converters.

You can straightly convert your Pages document from and to PDF using SizePDF.